Create and Share Memes Easily With Instameme

A meme, if you don’t know, is a viral sensation in the form of a video, image or animation that’s copied and shared, often with quirky revisions, across the internet. Today’s popular internet memes comonly arrive in a simple, easy-to-create form — essentially just an image with an overlay of white text in all caps, typically using a font called Impact. You see these memes everywhere in the internet, especially on social media, such as Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter. meme-generator-app-for-android

You don’t need any experience to create such memes. In fact, there are many websites and apps that will make the process pretty much easy.


With the free app InstaMeme, for the Android, you can use your own photo, or choose one from the app’s photo library, and then type your caption. The app automatically types in all caps, as is the meme fashion, and lets you increase the size of the text to your liking. The results look just like the memes you see in Facebook and elsewhere.

InstaMeme by offers an easy way to generate your own meme instantly to the android phone users, allowing users to work with over 1000 templates or their own pictures to create their own unique dialogues or phrases in it.instameme-4

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The features that make this Instameme the ultimate Meme Generator app:

  • WYSIWYG editor. Realtime update on the text size, text color, stroke color and stroke size
  • Highly Intuitive UI/UX
  • Create highly flexible memes from the over 1000 templates or create your custom memes with the images from your gallery or take a snap right then
  • Share your meme creations to any social medias

If you are just looking to browse and share funny memes , you can start here.


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