Facebook Like is nice, but Faceboook Share is stronger

In the simplest terms, stated on Facebook’s Help pages, the difference is this: “Like” lets you share a link on your Timeline and News Feed in one click. “Share” lets you comment on the link and choose the target audience. “Share” is the more powerful of the two.


Digging deeper, you’ll find that “Like” works differently on Facebook itself or when you find it on a web page. When you click on “Like” on a Facebook status, comment or photo, you are giving a nod of approval or a vote of appreciation. The number of “likes” is reported under the item and you have the option to “Unlike” it later if you want.

When you encounter a “Like” button on a web page, more things happen when you click: a post is created on your Wall, your friends will see it in their newsfeeds, and the “like” action is recorded numerically on the page you liked (if that feature is activated). If you “like” a Facebook Page, in effect you are subscribing to that page and will receive further postings from that Page in your newsfeed.

In either scenario your friends will see your “likes” depending on your privacy settings. And depending on their privacy settings, you will see their “likes” in your newsfeed, and on the Facebook “ticker” which shows up on the right of your PC screen if the screen resolution is high and the width of the window is set wide enough.

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When you encounter a “Share” button on a web page, several things also happen when you click: a post is created, and you have the ability to add comments about the item you are sharing. Also, the title of the web page, its address, an excerpt from the page and a thumbnail image (if you choose to add one) will appear on the newsfeeds of your selected audience.

One blogger has called the “Share” option the “brass ring on Facebook”. It is a more robust way of bringing attention to something in which you are interested, essentially saying “All my friends have to see this!”

And it could be a simple, yet effective evangelism tool. If all persons responsible for their church websites would add a “Share” button to any page that tells something that is missional and attractive about the congregation, and follow this up with a campaign to encourage all members of the congregation who are on Facebook to use the “Share” button to spread the good news with their friends, just imagine how widely this information could be broadcast.

You can try it. At the top of this page, click on the little blue Facebook icon . Follow the prompts and you can share this article.

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Originally published by John Rollins on August 5, 2014 in dioceseofnewark.org

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