Facebook Profile Banner : Free and Effective Publicity Platform

There are hundreds of Publicity Platform in the web.  One of them can be “Profile Banner Maker” Application in facebook .

You can Create your profile banner with two different method .

1. “Profile Banner Maker” application

This Facebook application basically does everything for you. And what you need to do is to provide and upload your banner and that’s it!

Remmeber the banner must be 493px x 68px, no bigger than 2MB and in .jpg extension.

The good thing about this application is that it is super user-friendly, does everything for you, comes with free template banners, as well as allows you to stretch, scale, crop, and rotate your banner.

The downside? When you click into individual images that form the whole profile banner, the tag “profile banner maker” appears below them.

Which I think is fair enough. You’re using their application, and therefore have to credit them. At least you don’t see their tag on the Facebook profile banner it self.

2. The DIY method (Banners By Users Photos)

Alternatively, you could chop your images into 5 different parts each measuring 130px × 98px.

Upload the five photos to Facebook and tag yourself on each of the photos. However, it needs to be noted that the 5 photos needs to be tagged in a reversed fashion.

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Besides doing a profile banner, you could also experiment with this:

Very cool, isn’t it?

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