How to disable instant upload in google plus

With Google Plus instant upload feature you can upload pictures automatically to your Google+ profile from your smartphone when you take pictures. With Instant Upload enabled, photos and videos taken with your phone are automatically uploaded to a private album on Google+. Once uploaded, you can easily share them later from your phone or the web.The application has a default setting that needs to be changed so you can upload stuff at your convenience.

Disable Instant Upload In Google+

You need to know this, because if you are low on battery or running on limited data plan, you don’t want the uploads to eat them up. Here’s how to change the settings:
• Go to settings in the application and uncheck the instant upload box.
• Choose photos and videos via WiFi only, if you want uploading only through WiFi.
• Check the battery uploads option, if you want to save battery and upload only when the phone’s charging.

If you are still not yet satisfied , please follow the process mentioned below ( via Google+ Help )

Enable or disable Instant Upload In Google Plus Account

When you first sign in, you’re prompted to enable or disable Instant Upload.  To change this setting after signing in:

  1. Touch Menu
    * if your phone doesn’t have a physical Menu button, use the  Option menu button.
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch Instant Upload
  4. Switch from On to Off
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Make sure Sync Instant Upload is enabled on your phone. Go to your phone’s Settings > Accounts & sync. Touch the account you’d like to enable sync on. Learn more about how to configure account sync options.

All photos and videos taken with your mobile device are uploaded to the Instant Upload album. These photos and videos are only visible to you unless you share them. You can share these photos and videos from your phone or from Google+ on your computer.

Change your Instant Upload settings for more detailed control over when your photos and videos are uploaded.

Share Instant Upload photos

To share photos and videos from the Instant Upload album in the mobile app:

Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 devices:

    1. Open My Photos > Instant Upload
    2. Tap menu and select the photos you’d like to share by tapping each item

If your device has a physical menu button, select items by pressing Menu > Select items

  1. Touch the  icon to complete your post

Android 4.0+ devices:

  1. Open Instant Upload
  2. Touch and hold on a photo or video you’d like to share.
    To share multiple photos and videos tap more items.
  3. Touch the arrow icon in the top-right corner to add the photos to a post
  4. Touch the  icon to complete your post
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Photos and videos uploaded to Google+ via Instant Upload can be shared from the Instant Upload album on your computer or from the mobile app.  Local photos and videos can only be shared from your mobile device.

To share Instant Upload photos and videos from your computer:

  1. Visit Google+ on a computer
  2. Go to Photos > Instant Upload
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