Make your presentations more interactive!

Mind blowing! That’s how you like to leave your audience after your presentation. Still, for many presenters that seems to be a challenge. Shakespeak enables presenters to create dialogues with their audience. Simply react via your mobile phone (TXT, Internet or Twitter) and results come in real-time and are automatically integrated on the presentation screen.

Shakespeak is software that can be downloaded for free at Once installed, an extra tool bar menu is added to the Microsoft PowerPoint browser. From there the speaker can add both open or multiple choice questions. Once the presentation is put into the slideshow mode, the speaker can ask the audience to respond. Messages come in anonymous on the Shakespeak server and from there are being forwarded to the speaker’s screen within a split second.
The audience itself doesn’t need to download anything on the phone . It can make use of the possibility to respond through text message, [mobile] Internet and Twitter via their mobile phone, laptop or Ipad. There are no costs for the audience, other than normal text messaging costs.



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My name is Nastasiya Koval and I am an intern in a Dutch startup company called Shakespeak. My major responsibility is to promote this innovative tool for Power Point presentations and create awareness among the potential users.
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