Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands On Video & Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is more than just thinner, lighter smartphone with a bigger 1080P HD display, it also packs in a collection of smart software features that the match and beat some of the best iPhone 5 features available.Samsung hopes that these new software features will combine with the upgraded hardware to deliver a smartphone that can unseat the iPhone 5 and withstand the HTC One launch.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Software Hands On Video

In the short video below we cover some of the most exciting Samsung Galaxy S4 features. We also highlight a few in the description afterwards that we weren’t able to capture on video while at the event.

Motion Controls

A wave can control the Samsung Galaxy S4.

A wave can control the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features several motion controls that allow users to control the device without touching the display. In the video we show how users can navigate a webpage with a hand gesture. Users can also answer or ignore a phone call with a similar gesture.

Air Control

Use Airview to see more info without touching the screen.

Use Airview to see more info without touching the screen.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features is that the Galaxy S4 is able to pull off AirView thanks to sensors. This feature comes over from the Galaxy Note 2, but it doesn’t require the S Pen. With Air View, users can hold their finger above the screen for a preview of a message, a photo and more.

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Smart Pause

Look away to automatically pause a video on the Galaxy S4.

Look away to automatically pause a video on the Galaxy S4.

With Smart Pause, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will automatically pause a video when the user looks away. This is a handy feature, but not a killer feature on its own.

S Voice Drive

S Voice Drive is new for the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 features a 13MP rear facing camera and a 2MP front facing camera and a new way for users to make use of both at the same time. With the new Dual Camera Mode, users can put themselves in the photo or video by super-imposing a small photo or video from the front facing camera into their creations. The feature offers several configuration options and works brilliantly.

Sound & Shot

With sound and shot you can send a photo that includes a short message or sound.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera app can record a short snippet of sound with a photograph to spice things up. This can be something that happens during the photo or a short message after it is taken.

Group Play

Stream audio over up to eight Galaxy S4 devices.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4, up to eight of devices can join together to turn the phones into a makeshift party station or even a surround sound system for watching a movie. The devices pair together over their own WiFi network, without the need to all connect to a home or work network. The devices offer independent volume control and let users pick what songs to hear next.

Smart Scroll

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