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5 Most Popular Free Android Bike Racing Games

With the increasing number of Android smartphone, craze of android games is also increasing day by day. iPhone is not only a super graphics smartphone, manufacturers like, Samsung, HTC , Nokia, Motorola etc already have smartphones with dual processors and HD graphics which can definitely attract game lovers. There are many android bike racing ...Read More

35 Ways Lara Croft Can Come To A Gruesome End [video]

If you have been enjoying playing the latest Tomb Raider 2013 reboot which launched earlier this month, you have problably already discovered numerous ways Lara Croft can come to a gruesome end. But YouTube user BenBuja has catalogued every way to die with in the new Tomb Raider 2013 game, for ...Read More

5 Xbox 360 games that are better on PS3

OBLIVION This is a slight one, we##Q##ll admit, but it##Q##s generally accepted that Oblivion ran a little bit quicker and a little bit smoother on PS3 compared to the 360.With quicker loading times and slightly better graphics, it##Q##s our duty to include one of ...Read More

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013: Whats new?

Pro Evolution was the preferred choice for discerning football and video game fans alike. Its loyal audience didn’t care about such trifling cosmetic issues as official licenses. It didn’t matter; rightly, it was all about how the game played, not how it looked. But ...Read More

Must Have iOS Games For This Week

This week’s must-have games roundup is a massive update to Tiny Wings — one of the favorite iOS games — which adds a brand new game mode with 15 levels, Retina visuals, and more. You’ll also find Amazing Alex, the latest game from Angry Birds creator Rovio; a wonderful multiplayer ...Read More