X-Men For Iphone : A Game For Nostalgic Fans

Just in time to take advantage of the new X-Men movie, Konami recently released an iOS version of the classic X-Men fighting game.  Yep, the one all over arcade boxes back in 1992.  And it##Q##s awesome.

Don##Q##t expect anything earth-shattering here.  It##Q##s, essentially, the same dated graphics and the same simple gameplay (very limited moveset) from the 90s arcade title, reprogrammed to work on an iOS device.  Despite the lack of any fresh element, though, it##Q##s a fun little beat-em-up that could very well eat up a good load of your time.

The ported touch controls work well enough, with the virtual  d-pad and buttons providing responsive action.   We also appreciate the fact that you can move the controls to where you feel most comfortable.  What didn##Q##t work was the endless “Continue” option.  When playing arcades, you tried to keep your character alive as long as you can because continuing after you die meant slipping in more coins.  Since there are no coins here (and Konami didn##Q##t bother to add any incentive), you can just respawn after every death.  Right in the same place where your last game ended.  And, no, Game Center achievements and leaderboard scores don##Q##t quite cut it in terms of incentives.

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The best part of the old game was cooperative multiplayer and the same holds true here, as you can beat up Magneto and his hordes with up to three other people over WiFi.  Word of warning, though: this is strictly a button masher, so if that##Q##s not your thing, better look elsewhere.

In many ways, X-Men for iPhone is just a way to feed the nostalgia for old fans.  The gameplay and graphics bring nothing special to the platform.  We doubt it will hinder its sales, as well, either — people love them retro games.  Even at $2.99.


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