YotaPhone Dual Screen Smartphone : Demo Video

16 December of 2012 by

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YotaPhone, a new dual-screen smartphone that has both an HD LCD display on the front and an e-ink display on the back. It’s an intriguing phone that hails from Russia, and today we’re getting our first look at the phone’s big talking points in a new demo video from Mobile-Review. Anton Tarasenko, who serves as the head of product management and planning at Yota, takes us through the YotaPhone’s notable features, including gesture controls.

There’s a particularly awesome perk to having a second e-ink screen on the back of the device, as the folks at Yota have made it so you can transfer what’s on the LCD screen over to the e-ink display. For instance, Anton brings up Google Maps on the LCD screen, centers the map, and then transfers it around back to the e-ink display. Since it doesn’t take any battery power to continually display things in e-ink, he can now have the map constantly showing on the display without draining the battery.

YotaPhone Dual Screen Smartphone : Demo Video

 Via @ericabent From AndroidCommunity

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