Content curation is an art of collecting, organizing and presenting information from the internet. There are few good content curation websites which allows you to collect and organize contents you care.


Check out the list of 10 content curation websites that will help you organize and collect web contents easily.

  1. Trap.It. This particular content curation tool is really neat. It is an “intelligent” tool, which means the more content you curate the smarter Trap.It gets. This helps you find excellent content by “trapping” it in folders for you to peruse and gain great inspiration.
  1. Feedly. Feedly helps you to curate blog content that can be used as resources for future posts or give you great ideas for upcoming content. It doesn’t pull images, but the lack of visuals doesn’t diminish the importance of this tool.
  1. Pinterest. Wait, a social network can be a content curation tool? Why yes it can! Follow people in your industry, as well as pop culture icons to get access to tons of great content ideas. Save these ideas to boards on your account, and work with them to curate excellent content for you and your clients.
  1. VidinterestVidinterest is video curation and discovery platform.You can bookmark videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion in single playlist and Embed it on your blog. List of Videos will appear in that page where you embed Vidinterest playlist also with the option to play all those videos back to back in a full page.
  1. Scoop.It. This tool is incredible because you not only get to curate content but you are also put in connection with other content curators. This helps you gain insight from leaders in various fields, and those within yours. It also gives you the chance to share your information with others to help another curate their own content.
  1. iFlow. This platform allows you to make specific filters and ideas that fit with your niche market. This can help you find adequate content that pertains to your industry, and the flow will give you constant streaming content ideas that you can look through and sort as you see fit.
  1.  Interested in creating a magazine or a newsletter? If the answer is “yes,” then turn to is more than just a publication creation program; you can add not only your own content, but also relevant articles or blog postings, videos, and photos. What makes stand out, though, is its monitoring tool that alerts you to content from other sources, including your competitors, so you can both attract viewers and keep abreast of activity in your industry.
  1. Spundge. Spundge is similar to Pinterest in that you can set up keywords and find great content that is relevant to you, saving it for later. However, Spundge does something different from Pinterest in that, over time, it learns what you are interested in, tailoring your results to meet your needs. You can also send out your curated content in RSS form to help provide people with the chance to find your content and receive help.
  1. Learnist. This tool is great because it helps people learn from industry leaders. You will be able to curate expert content, and even learn new information about your industry. Constantly learning is great for content curation and creation, and Learnist provides you with this opportunity.
  1. Slideshare. While this doesn’t act like most of the other content curation tools I’ve mentioned, it does provide you with the chance to learn from others and share your knowledge. You can look through various Slideshares of those in your industry to gain new information and curate content, and you can always share what you’ve learned to help someone else who may be looking.