If you regularly use Facebook, you probably think that you know everything about it!  .Many users have actually mastered the art of Facebook but there is still a good bunch that has just started using Facebook and perhaps there are also many users who are already fed up with it.

But, no matter how good you think you are on Facebook, it still has some surprises for you! There are a lot of Facebook hacks and apps that can be quite useful if you start using them. Here are the best Facebook apps and hacks you should look out for.

1. How to Download Facebook Albums

FacePAD: is a Facebook Photo Album Downloader that allows you to download the photo albums of your friends, groups, and events. Download Firefox Module first and then to download an Album, right click on the link to an album and click on “download With FacePAD”. That’s it

2. How to share photos from Flickr to Facebook?

Flickr2Facebook is also one of the best Facebook apps that lets you download photos from Flickr and transfer them to Facebook.

3. How to schedule messages on Facebook?

Sendible is an incredible Facebook app that allows you to schedule messages in advance for Facebook, It Is easy to write messages and to define when they should be sent to your friends and family.

4. How to know Who has blocked or deleted you on Facebook?

For this, you need to use the Facebook application called “Who Deleted me“. It tells you when one of your “friends” no longer appears in your friend list. If you click it and it redirects you to the page with the classic “Add Friend” button means the person has deleted you. That’s pretty logical! If you land on the homepage, it is likely an account has been put on hold or your friends have “opted out”. But, I think this application has been removed from Facebook due to privacy issues.

5. How you choose which Friends should appear on your profile?

A new feature on Facebook that allows you to choose which friends will always appear on your profile. To do this Facebook hack, click on the “little pencil next to your friend list on your profile and select the Friends You always want to see. Easy!

6. How to avoid seeing ads on Facebook?

This is again a nice hack which you can achieve with help of a small script that allows you to remove the Advertisements and Updates in the right column of the site. Although the ads are not really annoying but it may still annoy some people. Facebook Cleaner is a nice application to clear the ads that appear on Facebook.

7. How to publish your WordPress articles directly on Facebook?

For those who have a blog powered by WordPress (like this), the WordBook plug-in that allows you to publish your blog entries directly on Your Facebook profile.

8. How to access the Facebook’s chat in the office?

Gabtastik and Digsby the two best facebooks apps that allow you to keep your chat sessions are open your Facebook and Windows desktop without using your Web browser.

9. How to set your Facebook status updates-through Firefox?

The FireStatus tool allows you to change your status on social networking sites like Facebook directly through Firefox.

10. How to use Facebook on your desktop?

For those addicted to this network, Facebook can be used from the desktop without visiting a web browser with the help of some useful facebook apps. There are a series of software that allows you to do so. Some of them are: Seesmic Desktop Facebooker Xobni Facebook Sidebar Gadget Scrapboy  , Facebook AIR application.

Hope this collection of the most useful, popular and best Facebook apps helps you with your experience on Facebook.