10 Magnificent Lakes in the Heart of the Himalayas

The Himalayan region is dotted with hundreds of lakes, some easily accessible while other not so much. They present a serene and mostly blue environment that talks to your heart.

10 Magnificent Lakes in the Himalayas

Look at these 10 absolutely magnificent images of lakes in the Himalayas.

1. Tilicho Lake – Nepal

Tilicho Lake by Susheel Shrestha on 500px.com

Tilicho Lake by Susheel Shrestha on 500px.com

It is one of the world’s highest lakes at a staggering altitude of almost 5000 meters and lies in the Annapurna massif.

2. Pangong So – India China

Pangong So by Ashish Rawat on 500px.com

Pangong So by Ashish Rawat on 500px.com

It is spread across the border between India and China and is one of the largest lakes with a surface area of 700 square kilometers.

3. Shey Phoksundo Lake – Nepal

hoksundo Lake, Dolpa by Dewan Rai on 500px.com

Shey Phoksundo Lake, Dolpa by Dewan Rai on 500px.com

It is the deepest lake of Nepal and is located at 3600 meters above sea level. There are more than 20 stupas in the southern belt, and one gompa in the eastern side of the lake, where annual prayers and worship are carried out.

4. Rara Lake – Nepal

Photo by Mahesh Bajracharya on 500px.com

It is the biggest and one of the deepest freshwater lakes in the Nepal Himalayas. The clear, high altitude lake of Rara, which mirrors the snow-capped the Himalayas is ringed with pine, spruce, and juniper forest.

5. Lake Mansarovar – Tibet

Photo by Natalia LIKHASHCHENKO on 500px.com

In Hinduism, Lake Manasarovar is a personification of purity, and one who drinks water from the lake will go to the abode of Shiva after death. He is believed to be cleansed of all his sins committed over even a hundred lifetimes.

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6. Gokyo Lake (also called Dudh Pokhari meaning Pond of Milk) – Nepal

Gokyo Lake

Photo by Arsenii Gerasymenko on 500px.com

Gokyo Lakes are oligotrophic lakes in Nepal’s Sagarmatha National Park, located at an altitude of 4,700–5,000 m (15,400–16,400 ft) above sea level. These lakes are the world’s highest freshwater lake system comprising six main lakes, of which Thonak Lake is the largest.

7. Tsomgo Lake (Changu Lake) – India

Photo by Atul Chauhan on 500px.com

It is another glacial lake in the East Sikkim of the Indian state of Sikkim, some 40 kilometers (25 mi) from the capital Gangtok. The lake surface reflects different colors with the change of seasons and is held in great reverence by the local Sikkimese people. Buddhist monks prognosticated after studying the changing colors of the lake.

8. Ansoo Lake – Pakistan

Photo by Hanan Khaleeq on 500px.com

This lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes of the world. The name “Ansoo” comes from its tear-like shape (the Urdu word Ansoo means teardrop). The lake also resembles a human eye with a central ice island resembling the iris and a ridge resembling an eyebrow, which becomes even more prominent when ice melts on the “eyebrow” during the summer.

9. Suraj Tal – India

Photo by Jassi Oberai on 500px.com

It is a sacred body of water, literally, means the Lake of the Sun God and lies just below the Bara-lacha-la pass (4,890m) in the Lahaul and Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh state in India

10. Tsho Rolpa – Nepal

It is rated the most dangerous lake because it presents a danger of a glacial lake outburst flood.

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