PHP framework provides a base foundation which makes it easier to code a program for every developers or programmer. There are so many PHP frameworks available on the internet, these PHP Frameworks gives you all necessary things to launch a fully functional web application.

Since there are many choices for one to choose best PHP framework, we have a list of 10 useful PHP frameworks for you, you can choose one of these to start your next project.

1. Laravel

Laravel - php frameworks

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks for developers. It has some amazing features like Restful Routing, composer powered, beautiful templating and much more.

2. CakePHP

cakephp - php frameworks

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster and requires less code. It can be used to build quickly with no configuration. Secure and friendly license.

3. CodeIgniter

codeigniter - php

CodeIgniter is a fully baked PHP framework. CodeIgniter is a proven, agile & open PHP web application framework with a small footprint. It is powering the next generation of web apps.

4. Phalconphp

Phalconphp - php

Phalcon is a web framework implemented as a C extension offering high performance and lower resource consumption.

5. Zend Framework

Zend Framework - frameworks

Zend framework is the most popular php framework for modern, high-performaning PHP applications.

6. Yii Framework

Yii Framework - frameworks

Yii framework is one of the best performing PHP frameworks for developing web 2.0 applications, as it includes a rich set of features, authentication, and role-based access control, scaffolding, testing etc.

7. Symfony

Symfony - php framework

Symfony is another popular framework among PHP developers. This is a professional and advanced tool that helps developers build amazing websites and applications.

8. FuelPHP

FuelPHP - php framework

FuelPHP is easy to use, simple, flexible, and a well-designed PHP5. The framework is great for experienced PHP developer, as well as beginners. Visit its great features.

9. PHPixie

phpixie - useful frameworks

PHPixie is a lightweight MVC PHP framework designed to be fast, easy to learn and provide a solid foundation for development.

10. Slim

slim - useful frameworks