All around the world, there exist people who earn more than $250,000 per year. They are the rich class and have the power that money can buy. (And that is almost everything.) With that power, they have been spending into ridiculous things. Here are 15 things they do:

15. Carve Their Names to be seen from Space

15 Things That Only Rich People Can Spend On 25
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It is quite a fulfilling feeling to have your name out there somewhere, that satisfies the ego of the humans. There is a Saudi prince who owns an island, and he had his name carved out so big in the entire island that it can be seen from outer space. However, it has been removed now.

14. Have emergency rooms set up in their own homes

15 Things That Only Rich People Can Spend On 26

As the saying goes, “health is wealth.” For the wealthy, health comes at home with their capacity to afford best doctors, medicines, and an emergency room that’s turned into hospital emergency room with all the technologies and facilities.

13. Buy Super Strange Pills

15 Things That Only Rich People Can Spend On 27

We all need pills at some point in our life to function well. We might need sleeping pills, or Viagra, or laxatives. It keeps us from suffering and performing better. But there is a pill that can turn a person’s bodily waste into golden color and it costs $425. There are rich people actually buying them even though it has no medical benefits.

12. Exploit Services

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Businesses like Disneyland have been considerate enough to allow special accommodation for disabled people. Disneyland once had a service where disabled people, along with their families, didn’t have to wait in long lines to get tickets. However, after 2013, this service was canceled because some rich people were exploiting it since they did not want to wait in line, and rented disabled people to get them tickets. Shame, shame, eh?

11. Hire Their Own Picture Hanger

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Of course, rich people want others to take care of things that do not make them money, like taking care of their children, or cleaning their houses, or filtering their swimming pool. But it’s fascinating to know that they hire professional picture hangers to place art and picture rich people have bought in the best way possible.

10. Drink an Alcohol brand that’s been poured over female breasts

15 Things That Only Rich People Can Spend On 30

Drinking alcohol is a common thing. But to drink an alcohol that’s bottled after pouring the liquor over breasts of female models. Yes, there is a German brand known as G-Spirits that does so, and it is lavishly expensive.

9. Visit a wealth psychologist

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People visit psychologists for many psychological problems. Some are far more dangerous and in need of treatments. Some are not that dangerous but still, needs attention. However, there are specific psychologists known as wealth psychologists who only handle wealthy clients, and rich people go to them. Even some banks go out of the way to hire them to serve some of their wealthy clients who are worried because they have too much of money.

8. Insuring in case of kidnaps

15 Things That Only Rich People Can Spend On 32

Wealthy people fear that they or their family members might get kidnapped at some point in their lives. They also hold higher risks of facing that situation, and the reason is pretty obvious. What do they do about it? They insure for kidnapping. Yes, there is a thing called kidnap insurance and many rich people doing it. It ranges from paying the ransom fee to hiring rescue team of SWATS to get them home safely.

7. Buy very expensive phones

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There used to be a time when only wealthy used to own a mobile phone, others had to settle for wired telephones in their homes. While smartphones are accessible to many, and while a lot of common people can afford phones like iPhones and Galaxies, there are phones that are specifically built to target rich people. For instance, the gold-plated iPhone or Vertu phone which has custom-made ringtones that were recorded by London Symphony Orchestra.

6. Employ Secretaries who have secretaries

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We’ve come to an era where people are as, as the old saying goes, busy as the bee. They hire secretaries to manage daily work, such as meetings, calls, appointments, events, for them. But even these secretaries are too busy that, the wealthy have to hire secretaries for their secretaries to get things easier.

5. Smoke Gold filtered cigarettes

15 Things That Only Rich People Can Spend On 35

You think cigars are expensive? Google the brand “Sobranie”. These Russian cigarettes have gold foil as filters and they cost thousands of dollars per pack. There are few other high-end cigars that are as expensive as these.

4. Own high priced stock

15 Things That Only Rich People Can Spend On 36

Some people have become rich by becoming a smart finance reader and investing in stocks. But only really really wealthy people can own stock in companies like Berkshire Hathaway. If you have not heard of it, then it is one of the several companies that billionaire Warren Buffett is the CEO of. But why can only rich people own stocks there? Well, if you want just one share of the company, you will require at least 200,000 dollars.

3. Buy Lifetime memberships in first class

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One of the common ways of traveling is by airplane. American Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the industry and has flights heading to hundreds of different locations around the world in a day. During the early 80s, it provided an unlimited first class service for life, which cost around 250,000$ per person, and for any additional guest 150,000$. In 2004, this service had been increased to 3 million dollars. The airline industry had to remove this service, but at least 66 people had already paid for this expensive service.

2. E-commerce site just for the rich

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Most people use eBay and amazon to get normal things online, especially for the low price. But, e-commerce sites like is made just for the elite class. They sell all kind of rich-people-stuffs like yachts, jets, real estate, and one point, even the Batmobile from the Dark Knight Trilogy.

1. Use High-End Registries

There are high-end registries just meant for the rich. duPont Registry and other similar registers offer rich people to buy rare things like diamonds, expensive luxury car, house or boat. Some of the purchases do not even reach the owner; they get locked in vaults provided by the registry, but with their names clearly visible for other willing buyers to see.