It is amazing how simple questions can provide useful insights on anything. If something doesn’t look or feel right it probably isn’t. At least that is the case with most websites. These days sites have to be appealing at multiple levels. Because on the internet with infinite options, patience on the part of surfers is non-existent. So you have to get most things right.

Here are 20 questions to ask yourself about your Website and then work on it immediately.


Different websites have different requirements but these stand true for most:

1. Can you tell someone how to get to your site without having to spell anything?

2. Can visitors tell what your site is about without visiting your About page?

3. Is your website responsive ?

4. Do you think more images or videos in your articles will improve the reading experience ?

5. Do you have an RSS Feed? And email subscription ?

6. When is the last time you added new content? Why has it been so long?

7. Is your website comfortably readable ? (Font size, contrast, spacing etc.)

8. Are the colors used harmonious and logically related?

9. Do you follow clean paragraphing ? And what about grammar mistakes ?

10. Does your site load quickly ? (at least close to some average )

11. Are there any errors in your website ? (or broken links / broken embeds )

12. Is your site ranking highly in search engines for relevant keywords? What are your relevant keywords, anyway?

13. Is you website helpful at all ? Is it useful, or provide entertainment, update, support etc ?

14. Is anyone linking to you these days? If not, what can you do to make this happen?

15. Do you link out to your other web presences (social network profiles, Twitter account, YouTube page, Flipboard magazine)? Do you share other’s interesting posts too ?

16. Are you commenting on blogs and building relationships with other site-owners in your industry or niche?

17. Is your site “fine for the moment” or is it flexible enough to be fine for the next 5 years? Do you use wordpress ?

18. Are your ads annoying?

19. How easy is it for a visitor to leave a comment or write a review?

20. Would you be sad if your website disappeared tomorrow ? Do you backup ?