There are many image/photo hosting and uploading scripts available on the internet, all you have to do is spend some time researching on it. Today I have collected 4 best open source photo hosting scripts that can help you create an image hosting or photo sharing website easily.

Best Image Hosting Scripts for Photo Sharing Website

Setting up a website and running a website is totally different from each other. These scripts will only help you set up a photo sharing or image hosting website. You need a good marketing plan to run a successful hosting website. If you choose wisely, you can find a perfect script that meets your requirements with amazing easy-to-use admin panel to customize the website.

Below are some of the best PHP image hosting scripts that many photo sharing and image hosting sites use.

1. Chevereto 

Chevereto - One of the Best Image hosting scripts

Chevereto is the best image hosting script so till the date. If you are looking to run a Flickr clone, Imgur clone or clone, this open source image hosting script can definitely help you.

2. ArtVenue : Community Script

Artvenue - Photo sharing community

This is another beautiful PHP photo community script. This photo sharing script features, user follow/following, view counter, unique profile and many more that every photo sharing community should have.

3. ImgShot Image Hosting Script

Imgshot image sharing script

ImgShot is image hosting script, helps you run a website like tinypic or imageshack.

4. CF Image Host

CF Image Hosting Script

CF Image Host is a free and easy to use PHP Image hosting script. Using this PHP script, you can easily setup and maintain a photo sharing or image hosting website.