5 Best Design Frameworks To Build Applications With AngularJS

If you are planning to develop web application using AngularJS, there are few web design frameworks available in the internet. There are some pre-installed web components in the frameworks which means using the frameworks can be perfect for you if you want to build a web application which runs fast. Here is a list of 5 best frameworks which can help you build a web-based application with AngularJS

5 Best Design Frameworks To Build Applications With AngularJS

1. AngularUI Bootstrap:


This framework is built on the popular front-end framework, Bootstrap. It contains a set of Bootstrap components like Carousel, Alert, Collapse, Rating and TimePicker. All the components are ported to use AngularJS directives and custom HTML elements. If you enjoy using Bootstrap then this framework will be highly helpful for you too.

2. Angular Foundation:


This is also a popular framework which can be ported to use AngularJS. It has changed the Foundation components to adopt AngularJS’s directive and custom HTML elements so that you can build your web application through HTML elements. It might be the case that you love this framework than the previous one. In that case download the Angular Foundation and stay updated with the project development through its GitHub page.

3. Ionic Framework:


Ionic comprises some solid building-blocks which can develop mobile applications quite easily and fast too. The Ionic framework’s components are optimized for mobile experience, depending on touch and gestures. The UI components are made of custom HTML elements. There is also an option of Ionic Creator which helps in building an application in an easier and faster way. So if performance and speed matters to you the most, then Ionic framework is the best solution for you.

4. Mobile Angular UI:


Mobile Angular UI is a mobile UI framework and it’s an extension of the Bootstrap framework and it can build mobile applications faster. It uses Bootstrap 3 syntaxes with some specific mobile components and it also helps to convert a web app to its mobile version by adding CSS so that the content becomes responsive and touch-enabled.

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5. UI Grid:


This is possibly the best way if you are to work with a grid or a table in AngularJS. This framework has some rich features which can display simple as well as complex data sets on a grid.

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