5 easy steps to start your video marketing effectively

Video content is fast becoming the most popular content in the world. In fact, Cisco recently released the stat that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 was video. Is it any wonder that brands big and small are looking to push themselves through video marketing. However, while trying to run a successful Video Marketing campaign, most beginners are running into hurdles and mistakes. That is why we are putting out 5 simple points to start marketing your very own videos.

Create a Video Marketing Strategy

At first glance, video marketing might look easy. After all, there is hardly any entry cost and with almost every phone having a Hi-Resolution camera in it, it appears as if anyone can do it. Unfortunately, that is not true. The barrier to entry might have reduced compared to the golden days of Television and Cinema but that just means that people around have more choices about the kind of content they can opt to watch.
That is certainly why a video marketer has to carefully consider the kind of content he or she is creating, who is it for, and which platform it is for? Only then you can start video marketing successfully. Define your Target Audience and build a content strategy to target them.

Choose the Right Format

Most beginners don’t understand the value of choosing the format of the video. That means they don’t understand why they should go for either a long-form video, a short form one or go live. Choosing one format is very important and jumping in between them is a big no. That is because once your audience is used to one kind of content, they don’t like switching either. That is why it is extremely important that you choose the right format, which means a 10-minute multi-episode series, a 5 to 6-second Snapchat video or using Facebook Live according to the product or service you are marketing and make videos accordingly.

Choose a Screen Size

Today we have quite a few screen sizes around us. There is the traditional television, a computer screen, a mobile screen and the tablet screen, and all of them have their own resolution and sizes. Video makers also have to render a video after considering the screen size and resolution. The most popular size is the mobile-optimized square size. It is known for 66% more completed views than the horizontal one because viewers don’t like to flip their phones to change the aspect ratio. The vertical format also achieves an 83% higher ad recall than the horizontal format. That is why it is essential for you to choose the right screen size according to the brand you are marketing.

Video Statistics

Although many platforms offer video streaming services, the same platforms offer statistics which are not only unclear but at times completely wrong. Facebook, the Social Media Giant is notorious for calculation video views on impressions while scrolling the feed and although YouTube gives you a much clearer view of your stats it still fumbles by calculating a view even if a person navigated out within 2 seconds and that is why you, yourself have to keep a close eye on your statistics. Use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Tracking Codes for event tracking. Use these tools to understand the behavior of the user on your video.

Don’t Blow your Budget

A common mistake most new video content marketers make is that they spend a lot of capital on video creating equipment. We know that to get the right touch and feel of the video you have to spend money on the equipment, however, you have to carefully consider what you actually need. You can start making a video with a DSLR or a phone camera. You really don’t need a professional 2k or 4k camera.
You might need some lighting but you really don’t need a 5 point lighting system and when you don’t have new footage you don’t have to hire a studio. You can always reuse some old footage. Another thing to do is to plan your video in minute details so that cost-cutting is always an option. That is why an important point to remember when starting a video marketing campaign you need to concentrate and spend on the marketing campaign and not just on the video making process.


As you can see video marketing might look easy at the start but there is a lot of thought process that goes into the video. There is no clear-cut format that your video might be a success, much less go viral. That is why very few new YouTube videos go viral. That is why most brands opt-in for professional help from digital firms. But you can always try to work it right and optimize your campaign.