5 Landlocked countries that make for a different Travel Experience

There are 48 countries completely surrounded by land in the world which includes a few with access to enclosed seas. Switzerland is, of course, the most prosperous of the lot while a high number of them haven’t had much economic success. Nevertheless, they make for exciting travel destinations. And yes, they eat plenty of fish from rivers and imports. Also, the mix of culture brought about by the neighboring nations is very absorbing. Here are the 5 landlocked countries to visit asap.

1. Austria

– between the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

Austria is basically a central European mountain village but with a city like Vienna and her imperial palaces. You can hike in the magnificent scenery of the Alps in the summer and ski away in the winter. The dramatic landscape, relaxed attitude of the people and the cafe culture in Vienna just melt the heart.

2. Bhutan

– between India and China

The sacred side of little Bhutan is reason enough to get there and earn some spirituality. The sparse population, the paintings on the walls, archery and the government’s utmost priority on ‘happiness of people’ are some of the things that will strike you immediately. It also offers pleasant and pristine hills, mountains and temples perched on them.

3. Czech Republic

– between Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland

It is a stone throw away from Austria so a good reason to be there too. The capital, Prague offers an intact medieval core that transports you back 500 years. Plus the bustling markets and lively jazz clubs will never let you have a dull moment. From elegant spa resorts to scenic national parks, Czech Republic has much to offer international visitors.

4. Kazakhstan

– between Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan

Kazakhstan is remarkably developed thanks to its oil reserves. It is a curious yet little-known land of vast plains, mountainous horizons, and beautiful culture. Bordering Russia in Central Asia, it’s truly massive in size. You can expect irreverent nightspots, trendy cafes, and palatial malls in the cities. It has access to Caspian sea which is completely surrounded by a bunch of countries.

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5. Nepal

– between India and China

Nepal is a little bundle of joy in South Asia. Known for the tallest peaks in the world and probably the best place to admire them, Nepal offers an array of landscapes and wilderness. The country seems to be 50 years behind, but that is exactly why people are flocking to see it. From trekking, tiger spotting, elephant bathing, Meditation, Yoga, Hindu temples to paragliding, Nepal has it all. The lines of souvenir shops and the wooden palaces in Kathmandu will keep you occupied for days.

Images: 500px.com

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