A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. Because to travel is worth any cost or sacrifice for many. And I promise you will not be the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.

5 Different Ways to Travel

Philosophies aside, the primary concern here is travel places in the most interesting ways with an underlying theme of frugality in most of them. So that a person from any walk of life can just do it. Be prepared to be committed though. For I lend my two words to those who are willing.

1. Traveling with no money (well…sort of)


Traveling with absolutely no money is going to be difficult. I mean, self-respect will pop itself up time and again to pinch you hard, even if you manage to hitch-hike or eat-by-asking all the time. But that is an awful way if you ask me. Besides being a tourist you are expected to spend while you are at their place. So how can you slip past all these things? How about this then? That you are only going to use 10% of what you think will be the total cost of that trip (excluding flights).

And the only possible way to do that would be to couch-surf. There is a good chance that you will be fed and showed around if the hosts are generous. Also picking the right destination like a South Asia country or maybe some parts of Europe becomes very important. You are going to have to try every trick in the book to succeed without any major sad incident. One other tip: see if you can take you reliable bicycle with you.

2. Traveling with no money but finding a local work


First off if you are not allowed to work in the country you visit, you normally shouldn’t. But there are plenty of countries where they simply don’t give a monkey. You probably have heard about teaching English in China. You don’t have to be born in Stratford-upon-Avon to do this. A good enough conversation skill will get you there. “Helping out in general” is another concept that you can use and live with the local families.

3. Travel Blogging


Traveling is a lot of fun and blogging is not easy. Start with a simple blog telling about you daily travel stories and maybe some of the neighboring countries you visited. Do a bit of social media experiments and see if you can get some traction. It is a brilliant idea to consult a friend who does this successfully, it will save you a lot of years. I am going to tell you again, this requires a lot of research, creativity, and patience. So keep at it. Be attentive to details and funny. Once you have enough following, look for sponsors(usually other travel sites) who are willing to pay you to visit a place and write about it. Voila!

4. This is going to sound cheesy but, work for a multi-national company


If traveling is in your blood you will not say no to any opportunity what so ever, even if you have to get a university degree, find a job in a multinational company and arrange things so that the job lands you in a different country every month. I mean whatever it takes. How about such a company of your own? A carpet importer (proper carpets) has to go to different countries to collect the assortment required. And while you are at it, surfing on the beaches of South Africa would be magical. Wouldn’t it?

5. Music is more powerful than you think


Again, if you can’t play one or won’t learn then try the other four techniques above. But if you know how to play the guitar or a djembe, proper, then my friend you are in business. I’ve seen plenty of Spanish, Mexicans, and Russians following this mode of survival when traveling to countries. Music is universal in all its cliched grandeur. So play away with the new friends you make. Play away at town centers and city corners and let the music extract every bit of generosity off people. You are basically asking for money but I must say, with a bit of respect. And it works every time.

Bonus Tip – You can also Travel for Yoga and Meditation, but make sure you get yourself the best Yoga Mat for Travel