5 Most Useful Android Apps For Blogger and Entrepreneur

There are many mobile apps and utilities which helps you to do a different task. As a tech enthusiast, I love using apps on my android device to check emails, read the news and perform few offices works when I am not on my computer. I have prepared a list of useful Android apps for bloggers & entrepreneur which I am currently using on my smartphone.

These apps are also available for iPhone and iPad.

Recommended Android Apps For Blogger & Entrepreneur

1. Google Keep


You cannot remember everything you hear, see or think. You need to keep a note of them, start using Google Keep. Evernote does all the work keep does but, Google Keep is Fast, Beautiful and Easy to use. I haven’t removed Evernote from my phone but I rarely use it.

2. Flipboard flipboard

Don’t miss updates of industry and other topics you are into. The user interface of the Flipboard app is beautiful.

3. Google Analytics


You can Access all of your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles from your smartphone.

 4. Pocket 


As bloggers, we tend to browse the Internet on smartphones and will come across insightful articles and blog posts that we would love to read but cannot due to limited time. Pocket solves this problem by letting us save links that we wish to read later.

5. Dropbox


Dropbox’s Android app is the best cloud app for entrepreneurs. Being able to access my files anywhere I go is invaluable. I can see a document on my Android and Notebook seamlessly. It saves me time and money.