Video streaming sites like YouTube have been a part of our lives for a while now. In fact, YouTube itself has over a billion active users who log into the video streaming site regularly. That is almost one-third of all the internet users around the world.

Moreover, Google released the numbers which found out that the millennial demographic accounted for two-thirds of total videos watched on the video streaming site. And that is just Youtube. Other Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter also have video-based services incorporated into their platform, so is it any wonder that Video Marketing has a Huge Market?

Online video marketing campaigns

That is why we are going to give you FIVE Secrets to make your Video Marketing Campaigns successful.

1. Tell A Story. Avoid A Hard Sell

One of the most irritating things you can run into real life is an annoying person who insists on hard selling his products when you least want it. People usually don’t have any choice but to take it. However, online they can always click away from your video.

That is why you should avoid selling your products and rather try and tell an emotive story which gives your customers and viewers something they desire.

2. Grab Attention In The First Couple of Seconds

Viewers around the world are known for navigating to another video from the 5-second mark to the 10-second mark. That is why it is essential for a video to grab the attention of your viewer and a potential client in the first few seconds.

You can achieve this by reviewing your storyboard, editing the video to cut out the fluff or by adding a teaser at the start of your video to hold the attention.

3. Be Humorous and Most Importantly, Interesting

Video makers online always run the possibility of being content heavy. That is natural since they have to explain the point of the video and whatever information they want to impart to the viewer. But that clashes with a viewer’s nature because as we have discussed already a viewer can easily switch off the video.

That is why the host or presenter of the video should try to be funny, but not over the top. Nobody likes a person trying too hard and if you are not funny, at least you should strive to be interesting.

4. Tag Your Videos To Make Them Search Friendly

There are many ways to distribute your video content to your viewers. You can use social media, send out the links through texts or emails but, to catch eyeballs of many of your potential clients you have to adopt a tried and tested method.

You need to tag your videos with the right hashtags to make them Search Engine friendly. Because, the descriptions and sharing might get your video initial views, as the time progresses the video might get lost in a crowd. That is why when anyone searches for specific content related to your video, it is able to show up in the search results.

5. Make Your Video Informative

When video makers make a video they usually get lost in a process of data dump or entertainment. That is because in the involved process of making the video content they forget why they are making the video.

That is why your Video Marketing Campaign should be interesting, entertaining but not at the cost of being informative. Your viewers should return to your channel or your page to watch more of your videos when they are launched. And if your videos are not informative, they might not be suitably compelled to do that.


Creating a video, running a video marketing campaign and making your videos go viral is hard and extremely involved tasks. As a beginner, you cannot achieve the quality of a video or create content which would be memorable in the viewer’s mind. It takes practice and experimentation.