5 Startups at [email protected] Boot Camp Nepal That Caught Our Eye

[email protected], a startup bootcamp by CRDF Global and the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, successfully hosted a  Startup Boot Camp & DEMO Day in Kathmandu, Nepal. Out of 40 startups from Nepal and the rest of the south and central Asian countries,  these 5 startups caught our eye.

These 5 Startups at [email protected] Boot Camp Nepal Caught Our Eye

1. Panacea


This startup from Bangladesh is a must-have app for the People from Most of the Asian and African countries, this doesn’t mean it’s not useful for 1st world countries. Panacea aims to reduce the number of fake drugs by verifying the authenticity of the medicines you take.

2. Birthday Forest


Birthday forest, a Nepal startup, motivates to make our earth green. Why not reduce 21.77 KG of CO2 every year by celebrating birthday or anniversary with Birthday Forest? , they will take care of your plant and you can view in map with precise GPS location.

3. Flipkarma


FlipKarma is another Startup from Nepal which focuses on education and career. This can also be very helpful for those students who are looking for references and want to save their time (you know what I mean). FlipKarma also can help Companies looking for interns and freshers to find the right match.

4. Simplify360



Social Media analytics and monitoring tool, Simplify360 is focused on gathering and analyzing data from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media platforms.

5. Wind Power Nepal



As the name suggest, Wind Power Nepal is working on producing Wind Energy in Nepal.

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