5 Ways To Increase Pinterest Followers for free

Like other social media websites, Pinterest already started a social revolution based on a fellowship that continues to the next level. Having many Pinterest followers doesn’t just mean that you get authority on Pinterest, but you also get more exposure for your online business and a dedicated active community on your side. Since Pinterest is Visual Social Network, it is only obvious to get best results for pins that are appealing.

 Ways To Increase Pinterest Followers for free

1. No Spam, Be Professional, Be Cool!

5 Ways To Increase Pinterest Followers for free 3

Nobody likes spam and definitely, nobody likes weird and unappealing. So give your pins viewers reasons to follow you by setting up some ground rules. Schedule a time for posts, they shouldn’t be too often, but at the same time you have to keep your account updated. Personally I believe that 1 to 5 pins/day are ok! By doing this, your user will get used to your posting schedule and visit often.

2. Comment

comment on pinterest Increase The Number of Followers on Pinterest

Being active is vital in every social community because that shows your followers and other members that you are interested in doing great things. Besides that, commenting on others Pins means feedback for others which in most cases means a lot especially if that person doesn’t receive lots of comments. Picking popular accounts can bring you even more exposure and if your comment is relevant and comes with great arguments, you can even bring a large number of their visitors to your Pinterest.

3. Organize and Pin

organize pins Increase The Number of Followers on Pinterest

Personally I like to focus on just one niche for my every Pinterest account because it allows me to better focus on what really matters and helps me provide better content for my followers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to do the same thing for your account. In fact, you can pick as many subjects as you wish and spread them in as many Boards as you wish, but keep in mind that you need to handle all of them with ease and provide users best experience.

My advice would be to start simple and grow from there. Spend some time on creating or picking a pin that can easily go viral. This will bring you lots of attention and as a result, you will get tons of followers.

4. Sync Your Pinterest Account With Social Websites

facebook twitter on pinterest Increase The Number of Followers on Pinterest

This is a vital step if you want to obtain best results on Twitter, Facebook and also keep a place open for the new Pinterest. You can easily synchronize the Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter by going to: Your Account -> Settings -> Simply Click on to Link Facebook or Twitter to your account. You can also add Pinterest to your Facebook timeline as long as you don’t decide to post the same story manually.

Once you synchronize Pinterest with Facebook and Twitter, you get access to many possibilities including the friend messaging/following option which allows you to send as many Pinterest invites you wish and also to follow your Facebook friends who are already on the platform. The following process is almost instant and since they are your friends, it’s a huge possibility to follow you back in no time.

5. Twitter Principles

twitter pinterest Increase The Number of Followers on Pinterest

Just like Twitter, Pinterest is a social community based on followship and that’s why you must be very interested in offering users what they really want…followers. So, by following others people will notice you and as a sign of appreciation, they will follow you back in no time. This method is easiest way to increase pinterest followers for free

  • Use Hashtags
  • Talk About Popular Pinterest Topics