A lot of people whose videos have gone viral will tell you it was pure luck, many would say it was the great content of the video that made it go viral but does that mean that EVERY video with good content goes viral? You know the answer, No! Not every video that has good content goes viral.

Viral Video Marketing

There could be hundreds of reasons why your video never went viral. Some of the reasons are:

1. The content wasn’t good enough

Well, you think you have created something out of this world and it is bound to be loved by everyone but what if that’s just your imagination. Maybe your video isn’t that awesome. Maybe people aren’t really interested in what you had to say with your video.

What do you do in a situation like this? I’ll tell you what; get a second and third opinion. Show your video to your friends and family first; see what they have to say. Some might try to spare your feelings by telling you it is good but make sure to ask them how you can improve. Remember, there is always room for improvement.

2. It’s already been done

Would you enjoy a video made by Pepsi in 2014 when you know Coke made the same kind video a year earlier? Of course not! Getting noticed in this fast-paced world of social media takes a lot of hard work. You can’t just rip off someone else’s idea and hope to make it go viral. I am not saying you may have done it on purpose, maybe you had the idea first but either way if people have already seen what you’re showing them they will not be interested in it.

So make sure that your video is one of a kind. Look for videos similar to your idea and then tweak your idea to make sure you don’t end up doing the same thing.

3. You’re not marketing it right

You can create an amazing video that may have the potential to get millions of views but unless you make it public and put it where it can be seen nobody will be able to see it, let alone appreciate it. Once

you have made your video you have to make sure to share it on social sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vidinterest, Reddit, Google+ etc.

Send emails to notable bloggers and ask your friends to share the video. Do whatever you can to bring your video in front of people.

4. There’s no story

A video without a story is like a fish without water. Its dead! And no matter how much you try to resuscitate it, it is not going to come to life. But you know what, unlike that fish your video can get better. People tend to connect with videos that have a story in it; this does not mean you literally have to make it like a story.

Take a look at this dance video that went viral in 2013

This girl isn’t a pro dancer; there are millions of dancers in the world who are way better than her. So why did her video go viral? Because it tells a story of a girl who dreamed of becoming a better dance and was very awkward at first but after a year of hard work she got better.

5. It’s too long

Long videos, unless they are extremely interesting, tend not to go viral. Make sure to keep your video as short as possible. People are more likely to watch a video that is 2 minutes longer than one that is 10 minutes long. So, keep it to the point!

6 The title isn’t good enough

The title of your video holds as much importance as the content of the video. Any user when he comes across your video sees its title before anything else, which is why you need to make sure to keep the title catchy. Here’s a quick test, finish this sentence and you’ll know which title is better:

Hey, did you see the video of _________.

Now fill in the blank with one of the 2:

– Learn how you can make your video go viral.

– Girl made her video go viral in 2 days.

The first title is boring, it doesn’t really tell you what the video would be like, it could be a tutorial, it could be just a bunch of boring slides, you don’t know. Whereas the 2nd title tells you exactly what lies ahead and may interest someone who wants to learn how to make his or her video go viral.

7. You don’t have the right support

A lot of people will tell you that they made their video go viral on their own but trust me, most of them are lying. You can’t make your video viral unless you have the right kind of support from not just the people you know but the people you don’t know.

Having the right kind of support is crucial to making your video go viral. Reach out to different social channels, to people who are affected by your video and show them the value in your video. But don’t forget to thank them for their support and encouragement once your video does go viral.

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