Not all of China is factory’s and pollution; it’s vast and diverse territory endows the country with some of the most beautiful natural scenery on earth. From rainbow-colored rolling hills that look like they are from another world to an abandoned village clad in vines in Shengshan Island – China is a feast for the eye.

Amazing Places In China to Take Pictures

These 20 stunning photos prove it is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You should visit China at least once in a lifetime and take amazing pictures.

1. Mysterious cave buildings like the Maijishan Grottoes

China-2016-wcth10Image credits:

2. Stunning Colourful Mountains – Zhangye Danxia In Gansu

China-2016-wcth03Image credits: unbelievable info 

3. Detian Falls

China-2016-wcth04Image credits: Wu Sha

4. Thousands Islands Lake

China-2016-wcth05Image credits: imgur

5. Great Wall really is Great!

China-2016-wcth06Image credits: Jac DI

6. The Yangtze River

China-2016-wcth07Image credits: imgur

7. Beach in Panjim really is bizarre RED..

China-2016-wcth08Image credits: MJia 

8. Yianzi Mountains

20 Amazing Places In China To Take Pictures 3

9. Pearl Shoal Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou

China-2016-wcth09Image credits: ErrorlessGnome

10.  Turquoise pools formed by nature in Huanglong

China-2016-wcth02Image credits:

11. Waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou National Park

China-2016-wcth11Image credits: Simon Long

12. Yangshuo, Xingping, Guangxi Province

China-2016-wcth12Image credits: Peter Stewart

13. Shanhai Pass – Where the Great Wall ends..

China-2016-wcth13Image credits:

14. The Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Yunnan

China-2016-detechterImage credits: Thierry Bornier 

15. Road To Tianmen Mountains, Zhangjiajie

China-2016-wcth15Image credits: Peter Cheung

16. Dushanzi Grand Canyon in the Xinjiang Province

China-2016-wcth16Image credits: BJ Yang

17.  Beautiful Lake: Jiuzhaigou

China-2016-Detechter-lakeImage credits: Burm Speed

18. Canola Flower Fields

China-2016-wcth18Image credits: +Lanzi 

19. Beautiful secluded hideouts, Wulong National Park, Chongqing

China-2016-detechter-resizedImage credits: Pongpipat Sriwaralak

20. Forests completely out of stone

China-2016-wcth21Image credits: unknown