Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine. It is an open-source runtime environment, used to build fast, scalable server-side web applications. The event-driven, non-blocking I/O model makes Node.js lightweight and efficient. These features have motivated a lot of developers to adopt Node.js.

7 Best Node.js CMS Frameworks

Due to the rise of server-side JavaScript in recent years has resulted in different Node.js CMS solutions built because of its blazing fast speed. Below is the list of 10 best Node.js CMS for developers.

1. KeystoneJS

KeystoneJS Node.js CMS

KeystoneJS is an open source Node.js CMS used for developing database-driven websites, applications, and APIs in Node.js. This Node.js CMS is built on Express and MongoDB. Some of the features of KeystoneJS include Database fields, Dynamic routes, Auto-generated admin UI, Form processing, Session management etc.

2. Ghost CMS

Ghost CMS - Nodejs CMS

Ghost is another popular Node.js CMS especially built as a publishing platform. Ghost CMS solves that with a very simple backend that allows you to write using Markdown and easily publish your ideas to the web.

3. Koa CMS

Koa Node.js CMS

Koa is a Node.js based web development framework, developed and maintained by the team behind Node.js framework Express. The main feature of Koa is Generator, which is used to eliminate the use of callbacks and help developer for better error-handling.

4. Express

10 Best Node.js CMS Frameworks To Use in 2020 5

It is a Real-Time Node.Js CMS Framework. Express is both flexible and essential for creating the well-structured web applications. Express CMS includes various HTTP utilities like redirection, caching, etc. for enhanced routing and performance. Top featured brands like Storify and MySpace are already using the impeccable features of Express.

5. Nodebeats

Nodebeats - Node.js CMS

Nodebeats is an Open Source Node.js CMS which allows you to create full-featured content sites and many more. This Node.js CMS is built using MEAN Framework that allows you to create web applications with ease. Nodebeats is regularly updated to avoid any pitfalls from legacy codes.

6. Hapi.Js

10 Best Node.js CMS Frameworks To Use in 2020 6

Hapi is a Node.js CMS framework which offers built-in support for facilitative attributes like input validation, caching, authentication, error handling, logging, and other useful features for developing web and service applications. Walmart, Paypal are obliquely based on Hapi.js. This powerful Node.js CMS framework empowers the developers to write reusable application logic in a modular and systematic manner instead of spending that time on building the infrastructure.

7. Cody

Cody is a user-friendly and open-source Node.js CMS framework. It is written in JavaScript for building fully scalable and fast network applications. It allows the developer to change their content, including images and files and to add pages/subpages. Cody CMS provides multi-language support and drag-and-drop solutions, which makes the task very easy.

8. Strapi

Strapi is an open-source headless CMS, which allows developers to create powerful, highly configured web as well as a mobile application. This nodejs CMS provides many features with a secure intuitive content management system. It provides drag and drop feature with the markdown editor that can edit a different kind for multimedia like images, media files as well as paragraphs and snippets. It also has code editor features to customize the code according to the need of the project.

9. CMS CMS is based on NodeJs and Mango DB. This CMS provides a structured and organized pathway to content management providing the communication between upper hands to online customers. Routing and template make it easier for the developer to create beautiful and attractive websites. Add, update, remove as well as retrieve and delete any type of content any time according to the need. It is adaptable with a screen of all sizes that enables quick responsive layouts for the different sizes of the screen including laptops, tablets, and mobile screens.

10. Enduro JS

EnduroJs is one of the minimalistic, fast clean NodeJs CMS. Even though the community is small compare to other CMS the users who have used this Nodejs CMS are satisfied with the interface as well as impressed with the modern architecture. It focuses on the flexibility of the user which enables even with non- technical persons to easily manage the content on EnduroJs websites with the help of user-friendly UI. It does not require a database as it only needs some flies that can be easily edited with the text editor software. It provides isometric use of JavaScript because the developer can use JavaScript in front-end as well as in Back-end of the project.

* Worth Mentioning

Total JS

Total JS CMS based on the NoSQL database with no dependencies allowing the user to develop extraordinary professional websites. It stores raw HTML codes, which allows the user to manipulate the HTML code according to the need. It provides