PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for web application developers. Popular CMSs like WordPress and application frameworks like Magento and Drupal are based on PHP programming language. This post features the best PHP scripts of 2018.

Best PHP Scripts – 2018 Collection

Besides many other lightweight scripts that are available on the internet makes the life of a developer easier. Today we have a collection of best PHP scripts for your projects in 2018 that you will find helpful. Check these out.

1. Event Manager and Admin Panel

This PHP script with simple front-end design for event management has a cool admin panel with modules like subscribers management, creating pages, events with google maps. Your PHP scripts can add furthermore value to this script in case you need more features.

Event Management PHP Script

2. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget Pro

Disclaimer: It’s not a standalone script but a WordPress Plugin. 

With a buzzing world crypto economy, one would find this plugin interesting and useful.  With this widget, you can create price label, display crypto coins price ticker anywhere on the website, create beautiful layouts and many more.

Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

3. Car Rental Portal – Laravel PHP

Car Rental PHP Script

Firstly, here a good tutorial if you happen to have an interest in Laravel. This Car Rental PHP which also uses Laravel is a good and powerful online car rental system that features

  • Real-time availability,
  • Assign unlimited car features
  • Seasonal Price setup
  • Prepaid Rent System
  • Discount System
  • Booking List
  • Paypal etc.

4. Mint Task Manager for Project Management

Task Management PHP Script

This is a handy PHP application for task management. The features like creating, assigning, tracking and analyzing tasks and monitoring performance of team members are very useful. It also features the functionality of rating performance, assigning roles with designations and permissions.

It’s an easy to use one-click installation and a customizable application that can be deployed in the local or online server.

5. PHP Login and User Management

Your clients may have the weirdest of requirements at times, but as a programmer, you should be able to get them what they need. Not all features or modules need scripts like these but whenever you Scdo need them, you’ll have this option of using them to finish your project in or ahead of time.

Best PHP Scripts 2018