This is 2019, we have already witnessed the “explosive” growth of online video in past years. There are many millionaires today because of the existence of online video platforms like Video Sharing Websites and Video on Demand.  And more importantly, millions of people rely on video sharing websites like YouTube to make a living.

If you are obsessed with YouTube and in love with the idea of creating another YouTube Clone, I would suggest to drop it. Unless you have identified the problem-solving idea that YouTube lacks and quick access to Millions of Dollar. But if you are Inspired by the concept of video hosting and video sharing website like YouTube, you can actually do it by yourself with a couple of thousands of dollars.

You should have a very good business plan for your new video sharing website or video hosting website.

  • Video Sharing Website – Video sharing websites can also be considered as a free video hosting website but they also have community features. (Example – YouTube, Vimeo Liveleak, Dailymotion)
  • Video Hosting Website – Video hosting websites offer a solution for business and websites. (Example – Wistia, Brightcove)

There are many ready-made scripts that can help you create a website or app easily. These ready-made scripts can help you run a website or apps live on the internet within a couple of hours or days. For me, it is a couple of hours most of the time. These ready-made scripts and clone scripts have saved my time a lot all these years. For me, this has been the best way to run and test any type of website. I have tested a couple of times running the both, video hosting and video sharing sites.

  • Ready-made Script – Package of Code that can be uploaded on the Server to run a website or App.
  • Clone Script – Ready-made script with the feature of other popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

Best Video Hosting Scripts To Run Your Own Video Sharing Websites 3

Must-Have Features of Video sharing and Video Hosting Websites

  1. Video Uploading and Encoding
  2. Embeddable & Brandable Video Player
  3. Video Streaming Technology
  4. Cache System for High Load
  5. Highly Scalable

Best Video Sharing Script

Identifying the best video sharing scripts for you can take a while. But, I am here to simplify your search for the best video sharing script. Out of more than 10 Video Sharing Script, I have selected 2 of them!


I know this video sharing script for more than 11 years. When I first discovered this script, I was looking for Free open source video sharing script. It was not the best free PHP video sharing script back then, but these days I am really amazed by the team of Clipbucket. You can use Clipbucket and offer video sharing and video on demand from your website. Nowaways, Clipbucket is an open source video sharing script but also offers premium features. It is a good idea to test a system or script on your server before you decide to spend your money.

It is a highly scalable Video sharing script that features mobile apps, Live streaming, Revenue Sharing, Advertising, GEO-Blocking and many more. Clipbucket offers almost all the features of YouTube but it is pretty expensive if you choose Enterprise Plan. You can always start with small, and I think the team behind this amazing video sharing script understood that pretty well.


It was 2008, for the first time I created a video sharing website for one of my clients in Chicago. He was in the music industry and wanted to create a video sharing website for music video only. I came to know about Clipshare, it cost me $199 to buy it. Within a couple of days, I made $1.2k from this client. Clipshare is a PHP video sharing script with well-organized codes and templates.

If you know how to setup CMS on the server, you are good to go with Clipshare. You can have your own Video sharing websites within an hour. Since Clipshare has most of the feature YouTube offer, you can actually run a YouTube clone. Good Luck 🙂

Reasons why Clipshare is not No.1 video sharing script

  • Slow updates – Since I know this for more than 11 years, they have a lot to improve feature wise but they do not want to.
  • Design – Still that old-school design
  • Photo Galleries, Games – Unwanted features

Best Video Hosting Script

Deploying Video hosting script on the server is the best way to run a video hosting sites as mentioned above. If you are not a developer or do not want to hire, you can always choose to buy readymade scripts.

Xvideosharing – By Sibsoft

The most sophisticated system I have ever used to run a high-load and very high-traffic video website. Xvideosharing script is a complete solution for a Video hosting business. It is written in Perl, very powerful programming language. I came to know about this system in 2008 when I was so much into the online video business. Later in 2009, I got the chance to test and run this system on a live website. If you are looking to run any type of online video website, you can trust this video hosting script. This is a highly scalable amazingly powerful ready-made script for video hosting business.

Xvideosharing by sibsoft is an indisputable winner in the space of Video Hosting Script to run a Video Hosting Business. Since it is widely used for video hosting business, I categorized it as a video hosting script in this article. However, you can also run video sharing websites like YouTube or Vimeo using this video hosting script.