To travel and explore the unknown is at the top of everyone’s bucket-list. Yet financial constraints, social obligation play a vital role in keeping us away from our travel goals. But, where there’s the will there is a way, sounds cliched yet the social media these days makes it possible. Wanna know how? Look no further. Read along.

The first thing you have to be able to do is let go of any reservations you might have that you’re not following the “traditional” path that is expected of you by society.

 1. Become a Japanese tourist

That so says, click and document everything. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take stunning pictures of exotic places/people/food. Learn some tricks how to edit pictures in Photoshop and then upload your art on photo stock website. You get paid commission from each sale for years to come. Useful sites may be-  Fotolia, GettyImages, and Shutterstock.


2. Blog your way to success

Writing a blog has several advantages and making money out of it is one of them. Whether you sell advertising, become an affiliate, sell your own products (podcasts, webinars, ebooks), attract sponsors (hotels, agencies) or attract speaking opportunities, having a website is really worth it. The cost of the domain, hosting and a nice theme is really low. The hard part is to do it right.


3. Writing for someone else for money

Once you have a blog and some writing style, try to sell articles to magazines, blogs and newspapers.


4. Hassle free e-shops

Once you have a lot of pictures and inspiration from traveling around, you can upload your art on products at Zazzle and create your very own e-shop. The best part? You then just relax and watch people ordering your t-shirts, iPad covers, and other stuff and get paid. Zazzle takes care of everything else – from making the product, shipping, and payments.

5. Books

For those who don’t have the time to write a book HyperInk creates an ebook from your already existing content (blogs, tweets, your Quora answers etc.), edits it and publishes it on several platforms (Kindle, nook, iBook store) for you for a share of profits.

b41728831bbdb63398efba6914adedcdIf you do have the time, write ebook yourself and sell it either on Kindle Direct Publishing or iBook Store. iBook store platform has one huge advantage – interactive ebooks that contain audio, video, games and other apps.

6. Start Souvenirs business

You can visit local markets and negotiate for unusual things you can’t get anywhere else. Think antique stuff, jewelry, high-quality clothes, decoration and collectibles (stamps, knives, religious objects etc.). Once you have good suppliers, you can sell stuff on eBay or find an importer in your country and sell directly to him in larger amounts.


7. Freelancing jobs

To work while traveling is probably the easiest thing you can do, but you won’t have that much time for exploring. There are several jobs one can do almost anywhere in the world: headhunter, writer, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing consultant, photographers, artist, translator, virtual assistant, English teacher, dancer, website designer, coach, travel guide or journalist. Look at websites such as Fiverr, freelancer, desk etc.


8. Becoming a location independent entrepreneur

Freelancers have the opportunity to work from any place in the world. What if you want to actually own business, make serious money and travel in style? It’s easier said than done. However, an army of affordable virtual assistants and automation tools online are here to help.