Create Beatbox Using Goolge Translate!

Cool video showing to make beatboxing beats and sounds with Google Translate!

It is a little unusual, but have you are ever thought of creating a beatbox using google translate. We’ve been using this service for translating various text and web pages till now but it can also be used in a very clever way.

Google Translate, translation service from Google can actually create a beatbox.

google translate beatbox

Here is how you can do it. You just have to translate from English into German and put an array of interesting words below and Google translate will do the rest for you. You’ll notice that the Listen button will change to Beatbox.

google translate beatbox

Go ahead and try for yourself. To help you here are some interesting ones for you

1. kttp zk bk zk kt bschk zk kt bschk zk bk zk kt bschk kttp vk vk vk kttp kkkkkk bsch
2. bk kttp bschk bk bk bsch kttp bk kttp bschk bk pv bk bsch
3. bm, bm, bm? mn, mn, mn? dm, dm, dm?
4. pv zk ppv pv zk pv zk kz zk vk vk pv zk ppv zk zk kpzk kpzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkk pbsch

Important TIP: Any word that occurs in CAPS on the right-hand side after being translated will have to be converted into the lower case by adding letters like ‘k’ or ‘p’ etc. only then it will start sounding like a beatbox.

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