Ever since the inclusion of the video in Social Media, it is perhaps the most shared content by a regular user and it is just growing. Cisco recently came out with a statistic that by 2019, Video Content is going to amount to 80% of traffic on the entire internet. And that statistic is most probably a conservative one. That is why many people are changing their approach and gearing towards video as a marketing tool. After all, even currently there is a huge appetite for video content with over 55% of all mobile traffic accounting for video. Fascinating, right?

Video Curation
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What Is Video Curation?

You can consider curation as a way of assembling, managing and presenting things. Video curation is the art of collecting, organizing and presenting video content related to a specific topic or theme. That requires setting, which a large portion of you as of now comprehend for your market given the mix of involvement and mastery you have in your field.

Curation of video content requires having a platform. Also, by the platform, we mean choosing how much exertion you will put in doing manual research, seeing, assessing, and confirming. Essentially hurling video content that may appear on YouTube or any web index around catchphrases you’re focusing on isn’t curation.

Is video curation different from content curation?

Video curation is a part of content curation. Curating online video implies using specific tools to find, collect and organize to add a value to it.

Why Video Curation instead of Video production?

Creating video content for marketing is not that simple. It needs planning, it needs a storyboard, it needs a good team and most of all it needs specialized equipment. Many people believe that video making and marketing is an easy job but the fact is that there is no good video which has gone viral without a good content.

Moreover, the video market already has a wide number of entrants who are dominating the platforms and have a wide number of followers like Buzzfeed etc. Even if you decide to make videos, competing with stalwarts like these as a new entrant is not just hard and expensive with a chance of heartbreak, but more or less unnecessary.

There is a new way that brands are beginning to compete with this method of Content Marketing. It is called Video Curation. The idea is simple. There are millions of hours of videos already online. This third party video content is already well made and well received. So, companies already know that this content will work and not make them appear like amateurs. These companies post these videos from other creators on their social media to engage and educate their followers and receive as much if not more than 3 times the clicks per posts.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Curation?

Curating videos can help your brand reach the next level because studies and statistics from various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have found out that a video is 25 times more engaging than a regular blog post, no matter how visually appealing the blog is. Moreover, the more you post content, the more it helps in creating a digital footprint for you. That helps in improving your SEO rankings.

But the biggest factor these brands are finding out is that regularly posting third party infotainment videos is increasing their inbound link clicks by 300%. That means that their site traffic has increased by 300% and is helping them with sales with relatively low cost and without putting in an effort and money of actually making a video.

Here are some fundamental arranging tips for doing Video Curation for your site:

  • Research destinations that are creating their own remarkable video content (or are now filling in as guardians), and discover what content you can depend on from them that identifies with your own plan of action and target group of onlookers intrigue. Additionally, focus on what kinds of video content on what locales get a considerable measure of footing with sharing and remarking.
  • Ask your own associates in your field what recordings they’re putting out or discovering accomplishment with.
  • Ask your own target group what recordings might they want to see?
  • Ask yourself what amount of time you will put into evaluating content that comes in? How frequently will you include new substance? How regularly will you include your own particular one of a kind substance? How much time will you function with others on curating their substance for your site?


Content curation is not a new thing. Many companies had started their curation process a few years back but very few of them have been successful. The reason behind that is that, although they had the right idea, these companies had a hard time finding relevant, well-made content. That is why big brands opt for professional help from Digital Marketing and Content Curating experts. They employ experts who understand the fact that Content is King and know how to find a list of the best content according to the brand in question, curate the video content with the help of a dedicate and distribute the selected video by using best in class tools to give their clients a favorable advantage.