How to Create Facebook Fan Page for Your Business

Facebook, a world famous social media site which has covered millions of users across the world that gained immense popularity among all social media sites and growing popularity lead to advertising business through Fan Page on Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Fan Page for Your Business 3

Steps to Create Facebook Fan Page

Open URL of Facebook then you will find Create a Page Option from where you can start creating a fan page for your business.

From the above screen you can select your business type, say for example you are running Company, Organization or any Institute, you can select the second box displayed on the page.

Clicking on the second box then after you need to provide information about the category of business with the business name after providing you need to agree terms and conditions and you can start with. Proceed to next step clicking Get Started button.

You need to fill up form providing necessary details and your page will be ready to launch and finally, you are an admin for your business page and can handle that as per your need.

Features of Facebook Fan Page on Admin Area

Admin panel consists of 4 buttons

  • Edit Page
    • Update Info – You can use this option to manage information like Category, Name, Address, Description and many more things.
    • Manage Permissions – You can manage various permissions, even you can assign admin roles, can add apps, resources, events etc.
    • Admin Roles – You can assign admin roles using emails to which you want to give admin roles like Content Creator, Posting Content and images, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insight Analyst.
    • Manage Notifications – You can decide how to manage notifications of page, post, and photos.
    • User Activity Log – You can get activity log.
    • See Banned Users… – Using this option you see users who are banned from viewing your page will be displayed over here.
    • Use Facebook as User Name.
  • Build Audience
    • Invite Email Contacts – You can invite your friends using their email IDs.
    • Create An Ad – You can more visibility if you create Ad of a particular page.
  • Help
    • Visit Help Center from where you can get every needed help about Facebook.
    • Getting Started – You can get a detailed idea of how to start with?
    • Send Feedback – You can send feedback on the services you are using.
  • Hide

Apart from this 4 buttons you shall manage your fan page by

  • Notifications – Notification displays page and post likes.
  • Messages – Displays messages if any.
  • New Likes – List of people who had liked your page recently.
  • Insights – Insights includes
    • Overview
    • Likes
    • Reach
    • Talking About This
  • Page Tips – Using page tips option you can build your audience via email, so that they can get awareness of your Business Fan Page in order to build brand awareness.