How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page

Getting more likes on Facebook Page is not as easy as it was before. You need to give a special attention to your page to increase the presence of your brand or business.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page

How to get more Facebook Likes

Make sure your FB page’s description is accurate — Take a look and make sure your page’s category/subcategory is accurate and that your description is short and to the point. Make sure that those keywords you’re targeting are placed prominently in your page’s description. This will help your page appear higher in the search ranking if someone searches for those keywords while still on Facebook.

Refine your about section — You’re repeating much of the same information in your general about section and your more specific description section. Create smaller sections that list your contact info separately from your description. All that you really need on the front-facing section of your about section is “Professional SEO specialist offering affordable SEO consulting, Internet marketing & website optimization services.” If a fan needs more info, they can then click to find more.

Shorten your about section — Don’t give too much information in that section. Instead, use these tips and tricks and arguments in favor of SEO as the basis for really great content you can write and share on your Timeline. You can easily take your “Great SEO tips for your site” and turn each of them into a separate tip. You can even overlay that tip on a stock image of a computer, etc. to make it more visual and more shareable. Using it on your timeline instead of your description will ensure that more people actually see it and will help build your authority as an SEO expert.

If you can find a better cover photo and profile photo, grab it — Hi-res images look great in Facebook cover photo space, so find something that relates to SEO but also looks good. The standard image size for the Facebook cover photo is 851×315. Also, see if you can find an image that is a better fit for the square-shaped profile space.

Create your own great content that people will engage with — If there are similar FB pages to yours, find out what kind of content they’re sharing (tips, memes, etc) and then see how you can incorporate similar content in your strategy. Make sure, though, that it relates back to SEO.

Encourage fans to share that great content — Once you’ve found a content formula that is resonating with fans, encourage fans to share the content with their friends. If their friends also like the content, they’ll be likely to ‘like’ your page too.

Use more visual content — Instead of just sharing links that show up as mini-previews, find great images that pertain to those links, write a brief description to entice readers and then use a shortened version of the link (via bitly or a similar service). This will make your timeline more visually appealing.

Buy ads — This can be in the form of a display ad or a sponsored post. If you target them correctly, they will show up in the newsfeeds of people who haven’t ‘liked’ your page, but would be likely to. Make sure your ad copy includes those keywords you’re targeting, and that your photos are attractive, bright and easy to see.

Promote an already popular post — If you’ve created a post that is gaining traction on its own, you can promote it or turn it into a sponsored post to help bring in new fans.

Include social links on your site itself — Make sure your site links to your social page to help bridge the gap.