Video marketing has slowly become one of the most important marketing tactics in the last few years although it first started when sites like YouTube and social media giants like Facebook started delivering video to their users. Companies put their television ads on YouTube for their customer’s at first and as the years progressed they started delivering a Video Marketing campaign to all their customers online. And there’s no denying that video marketing has shown results.

Video marketing strategy

But as the time has progressed the viewers have become savvier and the internet has become more involved. The basics might be the same but everything else is evolving and that is why whatever worked in the last few years won’t anymore. Hence, you need to completely transform your approach to get the best from your video marketing campaign in 2018.

Be Informative and Empower Your Viewers

A video has to solve a purpose for the viewer. Viewers these days are not looking for fluff when they search for something. Viewers are looking for meaningful content to help them take action. They want to be empowered. Users are looking for reviews and knowledge about your products and services. recently released a report which stated that 90% of users believe that a video helps users make them make an informed decision. A successful video does exactly that.

Upload Whenever You Can

When you use a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter to market your company, one of the most important things to do is to stay active. You have to publish 5 to 6 posts a week.
Video marketing might not be that demanding but it is essentially not that different. In fact, the algorithms to get more views from platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook demand that you upload on a regular basis. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg recently said: “Video is a megatrend, in a decade, the video will look like as big a shift in the way we share and communicate as mobile has been.”

Use Your Video To Brand Yourself

Creating brand awareness is a multi-pronged approach but video marketing makes it easier than ever. Right now only a handful of companies are using Video Marketing to create and sustain a brand awareness.
One of the most successful ways to do that is to make instructional videos about the products and services you offer. Another way to make sure that these videos are easily recognizable is by using your company colors to animate them. People will remember these videos and always associate them with your brand.

Be Informal And Make Them Laugh

One essential thing that marketers need to know is that videos are not really formal. They are about talking to the user informally. You have to always make the video conversational to keep the viewer at ease and keep him/her watching the video. The best way to do that is to use humor. Do not take yourself too seriously. Neither should you get too driven by humor forgetting the purpose of your video.
Great video marketing campaign like that from Dollar Shave Club does exactly that.

Adopt New Technologies

Video making and marketing is relatively new. The idea that a regular person can create video and publish it with ease has just hit the mass market in the last decade. That is why companies have just started looking at this medium and started building on it.
Many companies like LG and Samsung have just started to evolve this medium with 360 Degree Cameras and others like Facebook’s Oculus Rift has taken a deeper approach into VR. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook are also jumping into delivering these videos. This makes these new platforms not only a novel idea which might create a ripple but also a great branding opportunity for your organization.


A video marketing campaign is becoming a must for any brand building exercise. Even big brands like PepsiCo and Coke are jumping to capitalize on this opportunity. That is why it is essential for any organization to start their video marketing initiative in 2018. But to make it successful might be harder than what you initially perceive.