How to install Ghost CMS On Your Server- 100+ Resources & Guides

Ghost CMS was built out of the need for a simpler way to blog and runs on Node.js. WordPress is great but can be a little much sometimes if you want to just write. Ghost CMS solves that with a very simple backend that allows you to write using Markdown and easily publish your ideas to the web.

How to install Ghost CMS

Official Documentation / Forums Hosted Platform

Centmin Mod Nginx stack install

Git install Ghost CMS

DigitalOcean Guides

Arch Linux

CentOS / RedHat Guides

Debian / Ubuntu / Mint Guides

FreeBSD Guides

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OpenSUSE Guides

Amazon AWS / EC2 Guides


ASmallOrange Guides

Azure Guides

Bitnami Guides

Joyent Cloud

Kite Guides

Linode Guides

Nodejitsu Guides (uses MongoDB GridFS)

OpenShift Guides


Rackspace Guides

Raspberry Pi

ServInt Guides

Mac Guides

Webfaction Guides

Windows Guides

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Uberspace Guides Guides

Ghost + Varnish Cache

Automated Ghost Install / Deployment

Blogger to Ghost conversion

WordPress to Ghost conversion

Pico to Ghost conversion

Statamic CMS to Ghost conversion

Ghost install troubleshooting

Ghost Monitoring

Ghost Cheat Sheets

Ghost Blog Security

Ghost Email Configurations

Ghost Online Service integrations