Routinely optimizing database can really help speed up the performance of any WordPress sites. Websites with huge traffic should optimize database at least once in a week.

If your WordPress site has a huge database you should perform a database clean up to smooth up your database. Over Populated Database can slow down your WordPress Blog or Website. In order to increase your website’s performance or search engine ranking speed of your website is very important.

3 WordPress Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Site

In my WordPress blogs, I use these 3 important WordPress plugins to optimize my WordPress database.

1. WP Database Optimizer 

How To Optimize & Cleanup WordPress Database 7This plugin allows for automated scheduled database optimization of WordPress site. The user can specify (in days) how long in between automated optimizations.

2. Revision Control How To Optimize & Cleanup WordPress Database 8

Revision Control is a plugin for WordPress that gives the user more control over the Revision functionality. The plugin allows the user to set a site-global setting (Settings -> Revisions) for pages/posts to enable/disable/limit the number of revisions which are saved for the page/post. The user may change this setting on a per-page/post basis from the Revisions Meta box. The plugin also allows the deletion of specific revisions via the Revisions post metabox.

3. WP-Cleanup How To Optimize & Cleanup WordPress Database 9

This WordPress plugin will clean up your WordPress database by removing all unused data from your database. Wp-cleanup will perform the following actions:

  • Remove all post revisions
  • Remove all spam comments
  • Remove all unapproved comments
  • Remove all unused tags
  • Remove all unused post meta
  • Optimize MySQL tables by removing all unused tablespace