There are few SEO metrics that every webmaster should be tracking to measure the success of SEO works. Here are some important SEO metrics in Google Analytics needed to help us assess the overall SEO strategy and performance.


The ranking is one of the first metrics that matter to us. This is because many businesses measure themselves against their competition. Businesses also want to know how much market share they take on the organic search traffic as a percentage of the overall market. This is a metric you can’t find in Analytics itself, but we can look towards Webmaster Tools or other external tools.

Back Links

Links earned to your site and your most linked content is something that is very useful to know since you can then align your content marketing efforts with that. This is also something that we’ll be able to answer from within Webmaster Tools.

Organic Traffic

Google Analytics SEO Metrics

This is another very important metric. Furthermore, if we can get segmented data by the search engine, and then map it to the market share of each search engine, it can show us where opportunities are for more traffic.

Bounce Rate

This is such an important metric for various purposes and also for SEO. If you worked hard at SEO, and to get visitors to come to your site, then they won’t be doing it for long if the bounce rate is high for specific landing pages. This is because Google takes user experience into consideration and the page will lose its rankings if it continuously produces a high bounce rate.

Page Load Speed

This is also an important metric since it is a well-proclaimed ranking factor.

Indexing Problems and Crawl Issues

Indexing problems and crawl statistics are important for SEO, and this is something we can easily access from within Webmaster Tools.

User Experience  (UX)

UX segmented by the device is possibly one of the most useful analysis that you can perform on your site using Google Analytics. Since Google will remove your site from the mobile search results if mobile users have a poor experience, this metrics can help us to make sure we are showing up in mobile search results. We can also look at the average time spent per visitor segmented by a device.

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