When it comes to designing, creating, and setting up an expo stand or trade show display, you really can let your imagination run wild. Consistent and reliable buyers are what you are aiming to achieve, and that is where an expo rules the proverbial roost. Meeting the right kind of people is what the expo is all about, delivering true value to your business, with more than 85% of visitors either making or influencing buying decisions.

Improvised Products Available for Expo’s 5

Furthermore, trade expo’s give your company that chance to: engage with interested buyers, network with leaders in your industry, access and penetrate new markets, be innovative through new and existing products and service offerings, and can help to revolutionize industries.

And with just some of the following ideas, your trade expo can stand out from the crowd.

Improvised Products Available for Expo’s 6


Whatever your seating needs, ExpoCart has got what you are looking for. You just need to calm down and meet your decision for your future furniture. Couches, bar stools, table and chairs, lockable cabinets, and even a reception counter or literature stand, the options are endless. When it comes to your trade exhibit there are no limits to what you can achieve, and it all starts with the right tools of the trade.

Audio Visual

With the power of the television on full display in your home, daily, you know how impactful a visual presentation can be. LED or touchscreen hire is an added feature that allows your customer to get more hands-on experience, keeping and directing their attention exactly where you want it to go.


There is nothing like a nice warm cup of coffee, or cool refreshing beverage to take the edge off a busy trade show, so treating your customers, and potential customers to a free beverage is never a bad idea. Especially when you have a fridge and a chiller, or coffee maker at the ready. They really can make all the difference when sealing a new and career-changing deal.

PDQ and Till Points

For anyone that has worked a trade show before, having your cash at the ready is an essential, time-saving tool, especially during those manically busy times of the day. With ready to go EPOS systems already in place, wireless card readers and Bluetooth printers, as well as preset tills, completing your transactions and moving the business forward has never been easier at an expo.

Stand Extra

Apart from the usual table and chair and the like, adding some additional features to your stand will help you to capture some extra eyes, and who knows, you may even be awarded the best looking stand. Flowers and plants are additional features that add a more natural and less mechanical feel you stand may have, without taking away from your highlighted and intended message.

Being seen is the name of the trade show game, and having a stand that stands out is what is going to get you noticed, and get those much-needed feet through your trade floor door. So don’t be shy to let your imagination run wild.