There are a lot of people out there who would love to use a Mac but are unable to because they are too expensive. Fortunately, there are a lot of interesting tutorials out there which make it easy for users to install OS X on their PCs. We can thank the hacker community for making it possible to accomplish this fine task.Install Mac Os X on Windows PC Easily 3

How to Install Mac Os X on Windows PC: Building Hackintosh

Step 1: Hardware

Please make sure that you have the perfect hardware before you go ahead with building your own Hackintosh. The term Hackintosh means a PC running Mac OS X. the good thing about creating a Hackintosh is that one does not need a really juiced up setup as an Intel Core 2 Duo processor will also work.  You can use an Intel Core i3 2.93 Ghz processor (you can opt for  Intel Core i5-750 Processor 8M Cache, 2.66 GHz if you want more power). Do remember that you can use any modern hardware you want but make sure that the processor, motherboard, and RAM all work with each other.  Please make sure that you have 4 GB of ram (and not more than that), a proper DVD burner (sold at really cheap prices these days), and a powerful supply with more than a minimum of 500 Watts. The Hard Drive requirements are a minimum of 1 TB though you can opt for something higher. It is highly recommended that you get either an NVIDIA GeForce video card or an ATI video card for your system. The finishing touch to the system is the inclusion of a flat screen monitor. Please do remember that whatever hardware you install will require tweaking of the BIOS to make sure that they work. The most important thing to remember is that you need to buy an original version of OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.3, though it is still illegal as installing it on any other hardware besides Apple is illegal. Once you put all the hardware together we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Prepare the Boot Disk

Get your retail copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard ready along with a blank CD.  You can make use of the two boot disk images to load OS X directly:

Both of them work fine though it would be recommended using Empire EFI if you are using your own hardware configuration. The iBoot configuration should be used if you are using the default configuration for the installation.  The last step is to burn the Image to a CD.

Step 3: Bios Configuration

Enter the BIOS setup and make changes to the various sections: Advanced BIOS Features, Integrated Peripherals, and Power Management Setup.

hackintosh building run OS x on windows PC

3.1 Select the Advanced BIOS features and change the First Boot Device to CDROM, Hard Disk as Second Device and USB as third (though it doesn’t matter if the HD is second or third).

hackintosh building run OS x on windows PC

3.2 Configure the SATA to run in AHCI mode in the Integrated Peripherals menu and then set the PCH SATA Control Mode and SATA/IDE Ctrl mode to AHCI.

hackintosh building run OS x on windows PC

3.3 Set the HPET Mode to 64-bit in the Power Management option.

hackintosh building run OS x on windows PC

Step 4: Installing Mac OS X

4.1 – Insert the boot disk of your choice over here. We will be using iBoot for this installation.

4.2 – You will see a screen below with the image of a CD with the caption iBoot-Supported. When you see this screen you need to eject the Disk.

hackintosh building run OS x on windows PC

4.3 – Insert the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Disk and after a few seconds press F5.

4.4 – You will see a screen with the image of a CD with the caption Max OS X Install DVD. Select the Mac OS X Install DVD and press Enter.

install and build hackintosh run MAC os x on windows PC

4.5 – At this stage, we hope that all goes well if the Language Selector screen comes up. For any reason if the screen does not pop up it means that you have the wrong version of iBoot or Empire EFI.

4.6– Select your language and proceed with the installation.

4.7– Partition your drive by clicking on Utilities and selecting Disk Utility.

4.8– Choose your Disk drive and click on Partition.

4.9 – Create one Partition for the installation. Note: Don’t create a partition of more than 1 Terabyte if you have a larger drive.

4.10 – Choose a name for the partition and then select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the Format.

install and build hackintosh run MAC os x on windows PC

4.11– Click on Options and select GUID Partition Table. Then click on ok and then Apply.  install and build hackintosh run MAC os x on windows PC4.12 – Quit the Disk utility and go ahead with the installation on the partition you just named.

Step 5: Installing the Boot Loader

After the installation is over you will have to reboot the system. You will get a Boot error when the system is rebooted. Eject the Installation DVD and place the Boot CD in the drive and reboot the system again. During the boot up you will see your installation partition choice on the screen. Choose it and press enter so you can boot into OS X. The next step is to download Multibeast via your Safari Browser so that you can install the boot loader and all drivers for your Hackintosh to work properly. Download your DSDT for your Motherboard as well and save it as a DSDT.aml on the desktop. Run Multibeast and make your selections (which will vary if you have different hardware settings.)

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install and build hackintosh run MAC os x on windows PC


System Utilities

Advanced Options > Kexts > Audio > LegacyHDA > ALC889

Advanced Options > Kexts > Graphics > NVEnabler

Advanced Options > Kexts > Network > RealtekR1000SL

Advanced Options > Patched Kernels > 10.3.1 Supported Kernel

Once all drivers are installed you can eject the Boot CD and reboot the system. You will be able to boot from the Hard Drive and everything will work just fine.