You probably already know this if you are looking to Install MP4box.   MP4Box is a multimedia packager, which helps on multimedia conversion, splitting, hinting, dumping etc. MP4Box can also be used for performing many manipulations on multimedia files like AVI, MPG, TS, but mostly on ISO media files (e.g. MP4, 3GP).  MP4Box is included in the GPAC package.”


If you want to create video hosting websites or apps, MP4Box can be a great tool for you. Most of the open source multimedia platform also requires MP4Box to be installed on the server.

Install MP4Box on Ubuntu 16.04

Since this website is hosted on Ubuntu 16 by Digitalocean, this post will help you build MP4Box from scratch on your Ubuntu Machine. 

Start by installing the required software that allows you to use svn on your Ubuntu Server

apt-get install -y subversion

Run this command to download the latest gpac version from the subversion in the current location. (use “pwd” to see your current location)

svn co gpac

Change the “configure” file rights so that you can execute the file.

cd gpac
chmod +x configure

If you require other functionality you might want to investigate further to learn what your options are by using the command “./configure –help”


Build and install the gpac package.

make install

Copy the file to you /usr/bin folder.

cp bin/gcc/ /usr/lib

To verify the right location, use the command “which MP4Box”, and it should tell you that it was found in /usr/local/bin.

How to install MP4Box on Ubuntu 16.04 5

“MP4Box -version” it will show you something similar as shown in the image below.

How to install MP4Box on Ubuntu 16.04 6

MP4Box successfully installed on your Ubuntu Server.