Benjamin Franklin said that…
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

The field of professional Website Search Engine Optimization is no different. Guaranteed SEO is not just a technical approach to get you on the first page of Google for a certain keyword or key phrase.


If your business approaches it from that angle you might never see the importance of Internet search engine optimization or achieve anything close to organic targeted web traffic.

Think of proactively marketing yourself online as creating little pieces of dust floating around online eventually connecting directly to your brand or business.

If you connect all those little pieces of dust they all funnel down to your website creating many little pathways to your website, the bigger the network of dust the more opportunity for really becoming visible online in front of your target audience. This network takes some time to build but once it is built, a website can see a nice steady stream of traffic and if done correctly, it will be qualified targeted website traffic.

This approach should not be viewed as just something technical to manipulate search results but rather as a long-term internet marketing plan with the goal of rankings as a byproduct but not the only byproduct. Perhaps this misunderstanding is a hangover from the “meta tag” stuffing days of the late nineties and early 2000’s when this practice could rank a porn site for the word “Smithsonian”.  Nowadays much more effort is required for professional SEO.

As with most things in this world if you have a way of prioritizing what to do and when instead of trial and error then you optimize your efforts and reap the results sooner.

SEO will always take time to really ramp up and work correctly, so it is important to realize that it is a strategic investment of time and money not dissimilar from many other marketing or business investments.

Investment in an online presence or business website is very important.  Equally as important to an offline “bricks and mortar” business investment.  It will bring returns if it’s done correctly and not just in the form of search engine rankings,  which many think is the way to gauge if your online marketing campaign is actually working.

Real rewards come from bloggers writing about your business and products or perhaps potential customers contacting you via social networks for example.  This will bring a huge increase in your website activity and does not happen by accident, it will be as a direct result of your SEO efforts and the time for rankings to of been ‘awarded’ from the search engines.  It is critically important to realize that search engine optimization is a long-term approach that does require some patience and ability to think outside the box.