These jQuery Plugins Will Help You Create Responsive Websites

Responsive web design has become a hot topic because more and more people are using a tablet and mobile phones such as Android, iPhone, and another smartphone to access the internet. Responsive web design is about adapting layouts to different viewport sizes. So it’s very important to understand that a website should not only be supported by mobiles, tablet, and desktop but also designed in such a way that its layout adapts to many different viewport sizes.

Designing a Responsive website is becoming easier for almost every web designer with the use of various jQuery plugins. I have a list of 10 such jquery plugins that will help you create responsive websites.

10 jQuery Plugins That Will Help You Create Responsive Websites

1. jQuery Masonry

Masonry is the most popular and widely used JavaScript grid layout library. This jquery plugin works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space.

2. jQuery Responsive Web

jquery responsive web
This is a simple jquery plugin which helps to design more responsive and adaptive websites and web applications easily.

3. Flickerplate

Flickerplate Plugin
Flickerplate is a jQuery plugin that lets you flick through content. This plugin also requires Modernizr for touch detection and the jQuery.Finger library for touch events. Both jQuery and a custom build of Modernizr are supplied.

4. Break Point js

With Breakpoints.js you can define breakpoints for your design, and Breakpoints.js will fire custom events when the browser enters and/or exits that breakpoint.

5. Mobify.js

Mobify.js is an open source jQuery Plugin for improving responsive sites by providing responsive images, JS/CSS optimization, Adaptive Templating and more. Mobify.js also provides a “Capturing” API for manipulating the DOM before any resources have loaded, giving developers the ability to enable the listed features above without changing any backend markup.

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6. Responsive Elements

responsive elements
This jQuery plugin adds classes to the elements which tell us “how big exactly the size of each element is“. The range of the classes and the interval of them can be defined too.

7. jQuery Responsive Tabs

jQuery Responsive Tabs
Using Responsive Tabs is a jQuery plugin you can create a responsive tab. You can use this plugin as a solution for displaying tabs elegantly on desktop, tablet, and mobile which makes your design attractive as well.

8. Fit Text

Use this jQuery plugin on your responsive layout to achieve scalable headlines that fill the width of a parent element. FitText jQuery plugin is best for heading and subheader for your website.

9. Scrolld.js

Scrolld.js, an open source jQuery plugin provides a method for highly precise scrolling for pixel-perfect layouts and navigation using real-time updated data values. Scrolld.js is designed to support responsive designs.

10. BttrLazyLoading

BttrLazyLoading jQuery plugin helps the website  to only load images within the viewport. This jQuery plugin also allows you to have a different version of an image for 4 different screen sizes. BttrLazyLoading also acts like Lazyload plugin for jQuery.