AngularJS is one of the most popular javascript MVC frameworks whereas JQuery is the most popular javascript library. AngularJS is a framework for single page applications, JQuery is a set of methods which enable us to do something faster. Angular is a JS framework which implements the Model/View/Controller concept in the UI and separates the UI data and the UI representation of data. The maximum amount of code people spend writing in the frontend, is the translation of data to the DOM and vice versa. Angularjs completely makes this binding very seamless hence increasing productivity massively.angularjs-vs-jquery

In JQuery the view and the logic or behavior which affects those elements are coupled and its left to the developer to separate them smartly. In JQuery, if one wants to update a particular DOM element with backend data it has to be coded. There is no separation as to which is the UI’s data and which is the controller of the data.

That’s where Angularjs comes into play with its two-way data binding, where you could use {{name}} and insert name anywhere in your view as long as “name” resolves to a value defined by a “scope” in the controller. The “name” could come from your backend server or could be your own mockup JSON code. This is a very clean way to decouple data and the HTML view code.

jQuery vs AngularJS : A Comparison

Framework Comparison CheatSheet

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In AngularJS you have to have a very structured view and approach on what you want to accomplish. It is scarcely following a linear fashion to complete a task, but rather, the exchanges between various objects take care of the requests and actions, which, then, is necessary as angularjs is an MVC framework. It also requires an at least general blueprint of the finalized application, since coding depends much on how you want the interactions to be completed.

jQuery is like a free poetry, you write lines and keep some relations and momentum appropriate for your task to be accomplished.

Though, in Angular JS, you should follow some rules as well as keeping the momentum and relations proper, maybe it is more like classical Spencerian sonnet (a famous classical poet) whose poem is structural and tied to many rules.

Compared against AngularJS, jQuery is more like a collection of codes and functions (which is, as already mentioned, great for DOM manipulation and fast-effect achievement), while AngularJS is a real framework which gives the developer the ability to build an enterprise web-application with a lot of data-binding and exchange within a superbly organized-routing and management.

Furthermore, AngularJS has no dependency on jQuery to complete its task. It has two very superb features which are not found in jQuery in any sense:

1- AngularJS teaches you how to CODE and accomplish a goal, not just accomplish a goal by any means. Worth to mention that AngularJS fully utilizes the core and heart of Javascripts and paves the way for you to incorporate in your app, the techniques such as DI (dependency-injection). To work with angularJS you should (or must) learn more elevated techniques of coding with Javascript.

2- Angular JS is fully independent to handle directives and structure your app; you might then simply claim that jQuery can do the same (independence), but, indeed, AngularJS, as several times mentioned within the above lines, has independence in the most excellent possible structurally MVC-Based way.

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