There are many different ways to make money online by writing content. You can start to earn enough to make writing your full-time job if you want.

Make money online by writing content

How can you get started and make money online by writing content as a beginning writer? Here are some tips,

1. Start a Blog

If you are interested in writing and want to make money online by writing content, I suggest you set up a blog. Blogging can help you develop your content writing skills and build your audience. Start by posting weekly roundup articles. Share your experience of that week or write about how much money you earned that week. You can write on specific Niches like Online Business, Cryptocurrency, Travel or any other.

You can monetize and start making money with any type of blog using many different ways. Placing Affiliate and CPC/CPM ads are the most popular way to earn money using blogs. You can also start writing on the specific niche and promote products from Amazon to earn from the blog. For example, you can write about cosmetics and makeup products and earn from Amazon.

In case of the personal blog, you can also add “Hire me” button on your blog’s menu or sidebar or any other visible location. I have seen many bloggers who also accept donations.

2. Write a Guest Post

If you are really a “content person” you probably have got a few blogs on your must-read list. You can pitch those bloggers to write a guest post. There are lots of blogs that accept guest posts and many pays for the guest posts as well. Familiarize yourself with the blog and its posting guidelines, and make your guest post pitch. If accepted by such blogs, you have another way to make money by writing articles or content online. If you are interested in Web/Tech, Enbeeone3 also accept guest posts.

You can Google “write for us” or “submit a guest post” to find websites that accept Guest Posts.

3. Write a List Post or List Article or Listicles

This is one of the most interesting and easiest ways to make money by content writing. By the term “List-Post” or “Listicles” you may already know or have seen this type of content.


It is very easy to find the content on the internet, have you ever asked anything on Quora? Why not ask these? You can get amazing materials for the contents on sites like Quora, Wikipedia, and many other journal sites.

so why not get paid to write it down?

Sites like Listverse and TopTenz pay for top 10 lists, and plenty of other pop-culture sites thrive on list articles. Figure out who’s hiring, and start pitching.

You can even write a list style script for YouTube videos.

4. Publish Your Book

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing can be the best option for you to make money by writing books. Start with short stories collection, essays, etc. When your book is ready, upload it to make it Kindle-ready and start selling on Amazon. Spend your time on marketing your Amazon link. Promote your book on your personal blog by creating a banner ad. And don’t forget to fill up the “website” field of most of the social media profile.

5. Write for Content Sites

Contents you find on the internet from How-to-articles to funny quotes are created by content writers. There are many websites that pay you to write very short and simple contents. Start using sites like Crowdsource, Upwork, Fiverr to find such jobs. You can get good freelance writing jobs for beginners but you can move on to better-paying opportunities once you improve your skills.

6. Become a Copywriter

This is also a very popular and good way to make money online by writing content. Once you know how to write an error-free copy for content sites, becoming a copywriter is a wise step. Look for Copywriting jobs on sites like Upwork and Get a Copywriter. Have fun writing everything from product copy to press releases. Starting in May, freelancers will be charged anywhere from $0.15 and $0.90 to submit a job proposal, as opposed to being free. To help freelancers and employers alike prepare for the transition, here is a comprehensive guide to the Upwork connect pricing changes with everything you need to know.

7. Sign up for Review and Affiliate sites

This is probably the easiest content writing jobs for most of the blog owners. Websites like pay you for the sponsored review on your blog.


Use these 7 ideas to get you started on a journey of the content market to make money online. You should write more to improve your skills to become a professional writer.