Tips To Keep In Mind Before Attending Your Next Tech Workshop

Tech Workshops and Conferences are great opportunities to learn new skills and network with fellow people from the same industry. IT professionals of all shades, from developers, designers, business analysts, data analysts, marketers, content writers, to managers and everyone else you can imagine in between can benefit from a well-designed workshop.

So how do you prepare yourself so that you can reap the maximum benefits from a tech workshop?

Well, here are some important tips for you that you should always keep in mind before attending any form of learning workshops or networking conferences.



1. Be Well – Informed About The Details

What topics are going to be covered? Who are the intended audiences? Who are the speakers?

Having background knowledge about the speakers allows you to connect with them more easily during the event. So look up who the speakers and mentors are for the event. Also, learn about the schedules for breaks during the event. Are they going to provide you with breakfasts and lunch or should you manage them for yourself?

Before getting inside that workshop, one should have at least these basic background information about the workshop or training program.

2. Go Prepared For The Event

Make sure you have everything you need during the workshop. While most events provide a pen and a notebook to write during the event, it doesn’t hurt to carry them with you to be on safe side. You will probably also need your laptop and do not forget the charger which is also very important!

Does the workshop require you to have any particular software installed on your machine? If yes, have it installed beforehand. Do not depend upon the internet provided during the workshop to download the software because you cannot rely upon the internet speed that is going to be provided during the workshop to download anything (usually they are crappy).

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Dress up well and look confident.

3. Be Prepared To Introduce Yourself

This is probably the most important tip that you should focus upon. Almost all workshop and seminar events require you to give a formal introduction usually at the beginning of the event. Be ready for this part always.

If you do not have an introduction ready, you will have to think about what you are going to speak while others are introducing themselves. You will miss out on hearing what others are saying and also your own introduction will not be as good as it would have been if you had prepared beforehand for it.

Also, give a relevant introduction. By relevant, I mean if you are going to a workshop that is related to WordPress development, talk about your past experience with WordPress. Do not talk about your experience with SQL!

Give an interesting introduction to yourself. This is an opportunity to market and promote yourself as everyone will be giving you attention during the introduction period. Try to create a bond with the speaker of the event during the introduction as it will be useful for throughout the workshop.



4. Be Open To Network

You never know who you are going to meet during the workshop. Who knows you might make friends with some good investors or CEOs of the next Facebook-like companies? So, do not waste any breaks that you get during the workshop just smoking a cigarette or scrolling through the news feed on your phone.

Now is the time to connect with other people, especially with those people who gave a great introduction of themselves. Connect with them. Do not just stare at people from the corners. Go up to them and introduce yourself. Talk about your work and listen to theirs.You will have a great time when you connect with others during the workshop rather than just observing.

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5. Be Ready To Speak Up

During the workshop, do expect to get questions from the speakers and trainers. When you do, do not be scared or lazy to participate.

Do not be that person who never speaks a single word throughout the event. Do not be that shy person either who blushes out or shows all of his teeth when the mic is handed but still just mumbles a few alien words and passes the mic to the next guy. Do not be that arrogant guy either who shows off his useless attitude. And also do not speak to make a fool of yourself by talking about completely off topic topics.

If you do not understand the question, just ask to get clarified. Speak up, be confident, learn, share what you know, keep an open mind and above all, have a sense of humor!

You are going there to have a good time and so be prepared with that attitude in mind.