Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks For Web Developers

JavaScript framework is the set of pre-written JavaScript code that helps to ease development of the JavaScript based applications. JavaScript frameworks helps web developers code easy and save time on development work. There are many JavaScript Frameworks for web developers to build Javascript Application or any other web development project.

This post features 10 best JavaScript Frameworks for web developers, which are widely used in web development

1. Backbone.js

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - backbonejs

Backbone.js is the most useful JavaScript framework that is intended to offer a wide variety of facility-like models with some custom events and key-value binding. Backbone.js is the most powerful framework that will give you the required stability. This framework will help developers to structure their own web applications easily, owing to the facility-like models. Collection of rich API’s and custom events are further advantages associated with this tool.

2. Angular.js 

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - angularjs

AngularJs JavaScript framework is developed by Google and it is known for its added qualities and features. AngularJs has the best codes that are easy to understand, read and even to learn. Basically, this framework is a templating engine that helps the developers to develop UI’s for mobile applications and web pages. It has in-built HTML5 expressions and performs exceptionally with jQuery.

3. Knockout 

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - knokoutjs

This is new JavaScript framework known for its coolest features. Earlier this framework was basically known as the only JavaScript library that allows the developers to create web applications. But now it has emerged as a full-fledged framework that allows the developers to create a wide variety of applications. This is a MVVM (model-view-view-model) type framework and it allows you to enjoy the two-way data bindings. When the developers update a single UI filed, then automatically the underlying model variables get updated by its own.

4. Ember.js 

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - emberjs

Ember is referred as the little hamster of JS frameworks, but it is the larger framework with 93 KBs which is comparatively bigger than Knockout and Angular. However, this framework is suitable for creating minified codes which are very quick in nature. Ember.js focuses on creating graphics and it can also be very helpful for developers who want to develop wonderful and capturing front end.

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5. Enyo.js 

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - enyojs

Enyo.js is basically used for designed responsive web application and it enables the developers to create webpage that is fluid in nature, fast and perform perfectly on all types of resolutions. The web applications designed with Enyo.js are also compatible with tablets and mobile phones.

6. getskel

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - skeljs

Skel is the lightweight, powerful breakpoint management, great CSS grid system and cross platform support and much more.

7. reactive-coffee

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - reactivejs

This is a lightweight coffeeScript library/DSL for reactive programming primitives.

8. aurajs

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014- aurajs

Aura is a framework-agnostic, extensible architecture for decoupled and reusable components.

9. Agilityjs

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - agilityjs

Agility.js is an MVC library for Javascript that lets you write maintainable and reusable browser code without the verbose or infrastructural overhead found in other MVC libraries.

10. canjs

top best javascript frameworks for programmers 2014 - canjs

CanJS is a JavaScript library that makes developing complex applications simple and fast. Easy-to-learn, small, and unassuming of your application structure, but with modern features like custom tags and 2-way binding. Creating apps is easy and maintainable.

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