Material design is a concept which is based on visual designs introduced by Google last year. The material design integrates both the principles and rules of classic design and the probabilities/norms of science as well as technology. To make your search easy, we have a collection 12 of material design frameworks which will help you in your Material design websites.

Best Material Design Frameworks

1. Pattern Lab

Pattern LabThis is a framework which is built with an automatic design concept. This approach to designing is when you work your way up from the ground. You can easily base this framework as a methodology for the architecture of websites and applications.



SUIT CSSThis framework is a methodology for component-based UI development. It gives you a set of guidelines which enable the implementation and composition of loosely coupled, independent units.

3. Materialize

materializeIt is a fully responsive front-end framework which focuses entirely on the user experience.

4. Material UI

material-uiThis is a framework which comprises of a set of React component. These components highlight the user interface design.

5. MUI

muiIt is a lightweight material design Framework. The best part about this framework is how it can be loaded asynchronously which lessens the development time. Furthermore it works well on all platforms.

6. Daemonite

daemoniteThis is a pure HTML 5 material design framework.

7. LumX

lumxIt is a fully responsive front-end framework that is based on Angular JS and Material Design particulars.

8. Materialize Meteor

Materialize MeteorThis framework is entirely based on material design packaged for meteor. Furthermore it is fully responsive and works well on all platforms.

9. Framaterial

framaterialThis framework is not just simple, but it offers hassle-free installation. You don’t need any external plugins to install this framework; it can be used directly out of the box.

10. Material Framework

material-frameworkIt is a fully responsive framework which allows the users to work with Material design concepts on any web page or web app.

11. Material Foundation

material-foundationA foundation framework which was founded my ZURB, this framework works well even with its simple features.

12. Material Design for Bootstrap

material-bootstrapThis framework is your thing if you want to use Material design theme on the front-end. It is based on Bootstrap 3.