Drones are becoming more popular these days. Drones with an inbuilt camera are more into fashion among most of the hobbyist. Good Camera Drones like, DJI Phantom 2 Vission are expensive to buy for beginners. If you are so much into drones and want to get some aerial footage using camera drones, you still can buy some cheap camera drones those are under $100.

5 Best Camera Drones Under $100

In this post, we have a collection of 5 Best Camera Drones for Beginners under $100.  These drones are handpicked from Amazon and all these camera drones have a good review and ratings.

1. RL Toys V959 with Onboard Camera

Top 5 Best Camera Drones Under $100 - Drones for Beginners 7

RL Toys V959 Price $55 – $75

RL Toys V959 is a best cheap camera drone among any other camera drones on the market. These drones are almost 100% prebuilt and come with everything you need to fly. RL Toys v959 can fly  6-8 minutes with every charge, and there’s an onboard video camera that allows you to record all your flights.

2. Hubsan X4 H104C Camera Drone


Hubsan X4 H104C Price $50 – $60

Hubsan X4 H104C  is also another popular drones primarily for ease of use and durability. These drones are quite easy to fly and require no real build time. Hubsan X4 H104c can fly 6-8 minutes.

3. UDI U818A

Top 5 Best Camera Drones Under $100 - Drones for Beginners 8

UDI U818A Price $60 [Avg.]

UDI U818A another drone for beginner hobbyist. You can easily find a ton of parts on the market for this drone. Like the above drones, you have an onboard camera and average 6-10 minute flight time

4. Syma X5C Camera Drone


Syma X5C Price $55 [Avg.]

The Syma X5C is another cheap drone for beginners that can fly 5-7 minute.

5. Hero RC V626 Camera Drone

Top 5 Best Camera Drones Under $100 - Drones for Beginners 9

Hero RC V626 Camera Drone Price $75 – $100

Hero RC V626 Camera Drone is probably one of the most fun Drones to fly as it looks like a UFO drone. These drones are best used at dusk or even at night, provided you’re sure you’re not going to bump into anything.