The lives of humankind have been revolutionized all because of the advancement of technology and the emergence of the internet. Everything is in the palm of humankind right from checking where to find the dog of your favourite breed to look for the right venue for partying. When you have a smartphone and it is connected to a network, then everything is possible. This article will elaborate further on How Mobile Application Services Improved.

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It is because of mobile & web technology development by leading firms why the internet has become immensely interactive as well as user-specific. It was noticed at the end of 2017, the total number of the application downloaded by the users reached 200 billion. According to the analytics, it is expected that by the end of 2021 the number will reach 350billion because mobile and web technology will become highly interactive as well as more user-specific. 

The Mobile Application Development Services provision has made the reputed companies come up with an online platform that users across the globe find immensely beneficial. It has been estimated that the brand-specific development will give birth to a notable set of Mobile App Development Trends 2020.  Let’s take a look at the 5 very useful mobile app trends in 2020:

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Blockchain Applications

It is considered a revolution in the tech industry as it holds numerous opportunities for developing and setting up businesses. Companies that clinch it in their business model see noteworthy higher growth in annual ROI. Many reputed companies have embedded blockchain in their infrastructures and enjoying its acclamations.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies will certainly enhance the progress of blockchain application for tracking its growth. Actually, these applications will lead to secure transaction subsequently maintaining paramount privacy while handling accounts. It is now easier dealing with complex transactions.

The incorporation of blockchain will augment the production potentialities of a company. The Latest Technology Trends 2020 of mobile will certainly include the use of blockchain technologies in the industrial platform.

IoT Applications

IoT or the Internet of Things will reach the forefront in 2020 in several segments. According to the report of Statista, it has been found that the number of devices connected by IoT is expected to cross 75 billion. Consequently, managing connected devices will indeed become simple and easier. For building reports, preparing charts, device readings, monitoring sensors, analyzing data and so on, the use of IoT will be more.


Cloud application & 5G

The companies can now operate in a smarter way through cloud application platforms and will easily become available to the employees. It is one of the latest Technology Trends in 2020. An enormous volume of data can be generated using machine learning, IoT & AI.

There will be no more storage crisis as it will be entirely handled by the cloud application. Functioning across several devices and platforms will be completely secured. It will become much easier for the hosts to save numerous resources using this application in 2020.

The Internet has become an inseparable part of humankind. In 2020, 5G will transform data packs which will be 100 times faster than the 4G. It will subsequently transform users’ ability to utilize the power of the internet alongside advance mobile technology. The 5G commencement will reform the utilization of applications for high data transfer speed by providing an improved platform.

Augmented Reality

AR or Augmented Reality in the year 2020 will be used much more in object measurement, gaming, navigation, interior designing, and user manuals as well as in many other platforms. It is the Augmented Reality that will allow the users to learn the use of particular machinery appropriately.

In various industries that include education, healthcare, etc. AR will be used immensely in 2020. The exact applications, as well as the emergence of inventive devices, offer a flexible platform for learning at the same time enjoying through AR.

Security & Mobile Payment

With the emergence of new mobile apps for keeping the users account safe and secure the security issues will certainly take a new turn. The credit goes to Custom Mobile App Development Company as they are highly focused on developing security applications for mobile users, new trends to witness in 2020.

Making of virtual payment has been popular since its inception and will increase to a great extent in 2020. People do not have to carry cash and it will become easier for them to make payment online using the online payment gateway; according to the forecast made by the experts that by 2020 the mobile payment will indeed reach a massive number.

Wrapping Up

Technological advancement is taking the world by storm. The technology indeed plays a pivotal role in shaping the lives of humankind in recent times. The year 2020 will be a big year for innovation in the sphere of technology, to be precise, in mobile technology.  For the entrepreneurs, it presents numerous opportunities but possible pitfalls also. Your company may be creating cutting-edge applications for the convenience of the mobile users making you stay ahead of the competitors. But it is not that all new technology will catch the attention of the users, thus it is imperative to be careful before you embark on making new applications. It is indeed necessary to foresee upcoming trends so that you can make the best budget and can plan accordingly.


In 2020, mobile technology will indeed witness a giant leap and will surely give the users an ideal phase for enjoying innovative applications.  Let’s look forward to 2020 and expect something above reproach from technology.

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Here, it has been talked about all the probable development in the sphere of mobile technology that is expected in the year 2020. New Year means new hope, new aspirations and so the common folks are looking forward to experiencing something matchless in mobile technology trends in 2020. It goes out to all the reputed mobile application development companies that they should develop the applications that are sought-after and will serve the purpose of the common folks globally.